City of San Diego Publishes Recreational Marijuana Regulations

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Officials in San Diego have posted the city’s new recreational marijuana regulations on the city’s website.

Recreational marijuana sales are set to begin in January in California. But local governments can customize their own set of rules.

San Diego officials have just published the recreational marijuana regulations on


“We developed this website to explain the changes that will take effect after Jan. 1,” said Development Services Director Robert Vacchi according to Fox 5 San Diego. “It also provides details about the permit application process for those interested in starting a marijuana business. This website will help individuals understand the guidelines and rules established for this new industry.”

The city’s website includes general information on :

  • Application instructions
  • The actual text of the law legalizing recreational marijuana in San Diego
  • Clearly stated text defining the role of testing facilities, marijuana outlets, and production facilities
  • Lists of currently operating marijuana dispensaries

The city will begin fielding applications for permits begin growing, processing, and selling marijuana on November 16.

On its website, the city also listed regulations that manufacturers will have to follow:

  • Retail sales strictly prohibited
  • Facilities must be entirely enclosed / no outdoor storage or operations
  • Lighting/security; include operable cameras, alarms and security guard
  • Emergency contact information must be displayed from the public right-of-way
  • No signage allowed, address only
  • Requirements for fingerprinting, background (similar to Marijuana Outlets)

The City included the following prohibitions to further clarify what is not permitted under the new rules:

  • Sale and distribution of marijuana and marijuana by-products at special events;
  • Outdoor growing of personal residential marijuana; and
  • No smoking in public places or on the business premises

Separation requirements were also defined. Production facilities will have to follow the rules below:

  • 1,000′ from public parks, churches, childcare, playgrounds, libraries, minor oriented facilities, residential care facilities, and schools
  • 100′ from residential zones
  • No separation requirements from other Marijuana Production Facilities or Marijuana Outlets