A Midsummer’s Night with Mammoth Distro

Mammoth Distro 4 fea 1
Mammoth Distro 4 fea 1

HOLLYWOOD, Calif – On a balmy summer evening, cannabis product distribution company Mammoth celebrated several extract lines Wednesday night with a special event. The outdoor venue, located on Hollywood Blvd, was illuminated by strings of bistro lights, glowing softly in the dusky haze, while attendees in their summer styles floated across the open air space to sample activities–an ‘80s photo booth, infused oil hand massages, flower wreath-making, and open bar.

There were product displays from five of Mammoth’s eight extract lines, including Heavy Hitters, Give, Ash & Ember, Bae, and Rad. Each line offered its own niche appeal, with distinct branding that could fit a wide spectrum of consumer demographics.


“There is so much opportunity in the industry right now,” Mammoth Chief Marketing Officer Hannah Davis told mgretailer. “I came from the alcohol industry, where I was for ten years, and cannabis is refreshing. I’m really excited about the products and quality. ”

Responding to a question about supply line headaches being felt by many producers (and dispensaries) since new state regulations for testing and packaging were implemented on July 1, Davis said that Mammoth had always aimed to be ahead of the curve regarding compliance. The company also can provide one- to five-day delivery, within California.

Mammoth products also are “Clean Cannabis Certified,” with the company stating that they meet or exceed current state regulations.

The Bae brand cabana offered sugary pink cupcakes to match the pink-themed, treat-flavored vape pen line. The ceramic-tipped pens came in macaron, pink punch, and cake batter flavors, with obvious “girly” appeal.

Rad offered Tart & Tangie extract cartridges, Neon Dream vapes, and specialty strain Super Crack, in its neon-themed packaging.

Embers & Ashes hosted a cannabis-infused hand massage station for guests. The shaman, Southwest-themed brand has vape pens in Fire Dance sativa, Sacred Sunset hybrid, and Purple Moon indica.

Give Vapes supported its quarterly charity; this time, The Veterans Cannabis Group. Party attendees could write a thank you card to troops, which would be sent by the nonprofit after the event. The brand changes its charity every three months, as well as its promotional imaging, in support of various campaigns.

Great fun was being had at the Heavy Hitters cabana, where attendees could create their own floral creations and wreaths to put in their hair. The brand’s cold-filtered distillate comes in pens and cartridges, with high-end ceramic technology.


The event was non-consumption due to last-minute logistics, though that seemed hardly to matter. Summer nights in California have their own enchanting effects, especially when catered by In-and-Out Burger. As if Double-Doubles weren’t enough for even the hungriest, spoonfuls of mac-and-cheese circulated, as well. Specialty cocktails kept the vibe light, at a lit summer launch.