Jetty Extracts Fights Cancer While Meeting High Demand

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Jetty Group

Priding themselves on their clean, simple, popular and cutting-edge products—vape pen, dabbing applicator, wax, cannabis e-juice—that are vigorously put through the R&D ringer, JETTY EXTRACTS has now turned their attention to beating cancer with their equally innovative SHELTER FROM THE STORM PROGRAM.

The big idea struck while he was on a surf trip. While waiting for the next wave, among the stillness of the ocean and vast sky, Matthew Lee, co-founder of Jetty’s Extracts, thought o himself: The market is really getting saturated by pop-up vape companies and there’s a price war going on in California. So, rather than dropping our prices…why don’t we use that extra $5 to start a cancer program (SHELTER FROM THE STORM) and provide free medicine, equipment, time and consultation? We will market it, and let the customers decide if they wanted to support us.

Recalling that moment, Lee smiles and says, “It was the best decision we ever made.”


It’s not rare for Lee, who is from Ocean Beach, San Diego, to do his best thinking in the water. However, lately with the success of Jetty Extracts, and the roll out of their new product, the Dablicator, he hasn’t been in the ocean much, instead spending more time at their offices in Colorado. Needless to say, though, he is excited about the new launch.

“The Dablicator is more of a delivery device than a product,” he notes.  “It holds one gram of oil and clicks out like lip gloss or Chapstick. You can eat it, apply it to a pre-roll, mix it in your coffee or dab straight off of it as it has a high heat resistant metal tip. We invented this as a convenient replacement for syringes. There was just something dirty about having empty syringes laying around, so we fixed the problem with the Dablicator.”

Their first launch came almost two years earlier. After extensive R&D, Jetty came up with PURE, a cartridge-based vaporizer designed to vaporize pure cannabis oil. There were only a few other companies doing similar stuff, and Lee felt they could do it better—and safer. The trial and error phase began.

“We really took our licks in the beginning,” Lee recalls. “So much R&D on different style cartridges just to have them all leak and get returned. After you taint your reputation with customers it really takes awhile to gain their trust again, we didn’t sleep much in the early days. I think being an early mover allowed us to make some mistakes yet still keep accounts because there weren’t that many other options at the time. I couldn’t imagine making those same mistakes today given all the options people have now. We have less surprise catastrophes to deal with today and it’s really allowed us to hone in on our quality and branding.”

To date, Jetty Pure is still the company’s best seller due to its pure, refined cannabis oil that has zero additives such as glycol. The vape industry is, of course, thriving right now, and for good reason: There’s simply no more efficient, discreet or measurable way to medicate than with a vape pen.

With an eye always toward “health” and “efficiency,” Jetty Extracts not only provide a full warranty for their products but also test them all with the certified testing lab company, Steep Hill Labs. Based out of Oakland, Steep Hills is considered the country’s leading cannabis testing and tech firm. They now have licensed labs in Berkeley, Seattle, Denver and Las Vegas. For instance, Jetty’s CO2 Wax is regularly tested and consistently found to contain highly refined, well balanced, cannabis concentrate—which means it’s potent, and health conscious.

“Clean and safe, too!” Lee says.

Jetty figured out a safe way to extract the wax without having to do anymore refining. In short, they have managed to keep more Terpenes in the wax than other products do, and that means better taste, smell and effect. Lee is very proud of this.

“Jetty uses the super critical CO2 extraction method,” he notes. “Plenty of other companies use the same equipment but whats so cool about these instruments is their selectivity. The real art is dialing in your heat, pressure and time parameters to achieve the highest quality extract you can.  We try really hard to keep as many of the natural terpenes and flavors in the extract as possible. At the end of the day, the most important thing is your starting material. If it’s not good going in, don’t expect it to be good coming out. We spend a lot of time sourcing excellent starting material.”

Cancer patients have a big ally in Jetty Extracts. Included in the Shelter from the Storm program are the following: If you want to grow your own medicine, Jetty will help you source the right plant strains, get you the equipment you need, and help you set up your grow; Jetty will get you in touch with the right consultants and make rue you are on the right path; and, of course, supplying its products to help you medicate safely. All you have to do is enroll on their website. They like to call it “Give a little…Grow a lot.”

“Anybody can donate,” says Lee. “If you’ve got some equipment lying around, donate it. Want to spend some quality time with someone in need? Donate your time. Wanna help a patient with the grow? Get your thumbs dirty and roll up your sleeves cause you can do that, too.”

Some more good news—or karma?!—arrived at Jetty’s HQ a few weeks back: They are now gonna be able to distribute their products not only in California but now Colorado, too. And this news comes as the company has already seen sales soar in the last 6 to 10 months.

“We have probably grown between 100-200% year-over-year with the last 6 months really starting to get busy,” remarks Lee. “We just closed on a capitol raise so this next year is looking to be quite a whirlwind but it’s exciting times.”

Seems like calm waters and smooth sailing ahead for Jetty. But don’t tell that to Lee. He makes a face.

“This next year is all about keeping up with demand—and telling our story,” he quips.

They named the company after their local surf break in San Diego County. Jetty is an exposed beach/jetty break that has reasonably consistent surf. Summer offers the best conditions for surfing. Works best in offshore winds from the east. Tends to receive distant groundswells and the ideal swell direction is from the west. The beach break favors left handers. Watch out for: Man-made danger (buoys etc.), localism, pollution, rocks, dog shit.



Specifically designed and tested to vaporize pure cannabis oil, Jetty Pure is their “flagship” product. This pre-filled vapor cartridge contains 100% pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil, the cleanest and most convenient way to medicate yet.  The refined oil in Jetty Pure contains no glycols or additives.

Jetty Refined

This CO2 Wax is a highly refined, well balanced, cannabis concentrate which offers a pure and potent medication by isolating the cannabinoids. Jetty CO2 Wax is a great way to experience concentrates in a clean and safe manner.

Jetty Raw

This CO2 Wax is extracted without further refinement processes in order to keep a high percentage of Terpenes. These compounds are what give marijuana it’s characteristic flavor and smell and are being promoted for their medicinal benefits. Jetty Raw utilizes the full synergy of the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.


Toss out those messy syringes! The patent pending Jetty Dablicator is a direct dabbing apparatus filled with Jetty Extracts high quality Co2 Wax (Approx. 70-80% active cannabinoids). Simply twist and apply the desired amount of medicine directly from the metal onto your favorite glass piece or vapor pen. Filled with 1ML of strain specific CO2 oil, the Jetty Dablicator is the cleanest, most efficient method of its kind.


Jetty Cannabis Juice Refill Vials are a great way to keep vaping on the go. The concentrate can be used with any liquid vapor device, including Jetty Cartridges, as well as in most new vapor pens and mods on the market today. The Cannabis Liquid is available in the same wide variety of strains as Jetty Cartridges.


The Jetty Vaporizer Pen was designed for optimal use with the Jetty Pure Cartridges. The pen allows each patient to medicate at his/her own convenience with no mess or clean-up. With a perfect puff every time, just click the silver button five times to turn it on or to turn it off when not in use. The Jetty Vaporizer Pen is one of the most efficient ways to medicate on the go—or at home.

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