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Rapid Change and Psychedelics Took Center Stage at Lift&Co. Expo 2022

LIFT&Co. landed at its usual spot for 2022 in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, surrounded by the opulence of skyscrapers, high-end restaurants, and major...
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4 Ways Brands Can Dominate Social Media in 2022

Social media is a pillar of the marketing mix for businesses wishing to cultivate customer relationships. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and now...
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Taking the Shortcut with White Label Cannabis Manufacturing

Although cannabis can be a very profitable industry, the barriers to entry for a new business can be daunting. For existing companies, expanding into...
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The Great Fertilizer Shortage: Russia’s Influence on Our Crops

The global supply chain was massively disturbed when the pandemic hit at the start of 2020, and the sanctions that have been imposed following...

Woody Harrelson’s The Woods Launch Photo Gallery

The Woods dispensary opened its doors Friday afternoon, ushering in a new, yet familiar, wave of community, inclusion, and legacy cannabis culture on Santa...
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Can Independent Stores Compete with MSOs in Adult-Use Markets?

According to a 2021 Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans support cannabis legalization, representing a seismic shift toward normalization in the collective mind of...
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The Republic of Malta Takes a Big Leap for a Small Country

Almost everyone, it seems, was caught off guard in December 2021 when Malta announced it had legalized adult use just months after Luxembourg legalized...
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The mg List: 15 Industry-Leading Investment Firms

Investment dollars can be hard to come by in a tightly regulated, federally illegal industry. These firms are changing the game, offering operators of...

Hall of Flowers PS22: The B2B Event with Serious Consumer Appeal

Love it or hate it, cannabis industry trade shows are back in full swing for 2022. For the industry veterans who attended dozens of...
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Supply Chain Challenges Are Forcing Industry Innovation

Two years after the onset of a deadly pandemic, supply chain disruption remains one of the most frustrating issues across all industries. Between antiquated...