Study: 87% of Millennials Say Cannabis Safer than Alcohol

millenials cannabis mg retailer
millenials cannabis mg retailer

Almost nine out of ten American millennials believe that cannabis is safer than alcohol, according to a new study.

The Tylt, an online polling organization focused on millennials’ views on hot-button topics, has just released the findings of a new cannabis poll. They found that about 87% of millennials in the United States feel that cannabis is safer than alcohol. The poll also discovered that 84% of millennials support legalizing cannabis.


The question on cannabis safety is not the only poll The Tylt has conducted lately on the topic. Below are the results of several other cannabis-related opinion polls:

According to its website, The Tylt considers itself to be “the largest and fastest growing social polling and opinion platform among millennials.”

The Tylt constructs its survey questions a bit differently than other major polls and seems intent on generating intense debate. Other recent topics on The Tylt include:

  • Should the U.S. adopt Medicare for All?
  • Is it racist to fly a Confederate flag?
  • Is Jackie Robinson overrated?
  • Is the NFL “blackballing” Colin Kaepernick?
  • Is it feminist to own guns?
  • Is President Trump draining the swamp?

We were able to simply click on a check mark for or against any of the questions on The Tylt. As with any online polling question, it seems possible for users to figure out a way to vote multiple times. After a user votes on a topic, they are prompted with a chance to share the question on Facebook and Twitter with the chance to “Double your vote.”

However, The Tylt’s findings on millennial’s cannabis views may still be accurate. A CBS poll conducted last year found that 76% percent of millennials supported legalizing cannabis. While this is slightly less support than The Tylt’s findings, it seems to indicate that rising support for cannabis among millennials is a real trend.