Cannabis Survey Designed to Assist Policy Makers Make Informed Decisions

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PHOENIX — Sherpa Public Affairs launched an opinion survey to collect the viewpoints and attitudes of cannabis industry (industry) executives and owners. The survey is designed to collect these data to better understand the needs and regulatory environment affecting the industry from a broad cross section of American industry leaders.

The Great American Cannabis Survey is being conducted as part of the Marijuana Moment’s April 2022 daily newsletter. The survey is narrowly crafted to answer some of the more pertinent federal and state regulatory issues before the United States Congress and regulatory bodies.


Commenting on the need for cannabis regulatory clarity, Sherpa Public Affairs principal, Gibson McKay said, “Whether we are talking about the tax code, interstate commerce, patents, trademarks or health and safety, our federal officials have not been a paragon of coherence.” McKay pointed out the survey’s potential use to address problems of inaction, “I am confident this survey can be a catalyst for policy makers to adopt clear policy directions to alleviate some potential unintended consequences such as creating black-markets or positioning American industry at a competitive disadvantage to other Countries around the globe.”

In an April 3, 2022, New Cannabis Ventures newsletter regarding provisions in the federal tax code, Trulieve shared a compelling table in its 10-K annual report regarding the Internal Revenue Service code, 280E. Astoundingly, Trulieve 10-K report an effective tax-rate was 89%, up from 60% in 2020 and 49% in 2019, due to 280E.

The survey results are expected to be made public early Summer 2022. McKay concluded, “It is important to understand what is driving this industry. We are hopeful these data will ensure policy makers have a chance to glean accurate information to make informed decisions.”

The Great American Cannabis Survey

About Sherpa Public Affairs: A nationally recognized, award-winning public affairs and government relations professionals, principal, Gibson McKay is a pre-eminent political strategist, and campaign authority. The architect of more than 150 successful initiatives, referendums and candidate campaigns at the state, local and national level, McKay achieves results by safely guiding his clients through treacherous political terrain.