Ethos Launches “Ritual Styled” Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts – Love to share more details

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Ethos Cannabis (“Ethos” or the “Company”), a multi-state cannabis operator headquartered in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest band, Headliners, a new line of pre-rolls, that will be available in Ethos stores and to select retailers in Massachusetts.

This ritual styled brand of pre-rolls was developed with three dayparts in mind that are designed for morning, mid-day, and evening consumption.


Headliners Opener – a sativa dominant pre-roll, perfect for jumpstarting your day

Headliners Intermission – a hybrid blend for balance in the middle of your day

Headliners Showstopper – an indica heavy pre-roll for the best end of day, deep relaxation effect

“While Headliners is bringing tried and true strains like GMO and Kush Mints to give customers a familiar experience, we are also coming with some varieties unique to our grow like Pura Vida and Dulce de Uva. Whether you are looking for something new or a classic, Headliners has something for everyone” said Patrick LaRose, Vice President Production. Each Headliners profile comes in two SKUs a one-roll one-gram package (1x1g) and two half-gram rolls (2×0.5g).

Ethos is committed to developing health and wellness markets and serving mainstream cannabis consumers. The company helps consumers live better through their experiences with cannabis and the new Headliners brand of pre-rolls is another example of this commitment “We are excited to rollout our new Headliners brand in all of our Ethos locations and beyond. With Headliners, we can offer the high-quality flower that our Massachusetts consumers love and offer it in a convenient pre-rolled pack” said Kevin Bradley, Massachusetts Director of Retail for Ethos.

“This staged series, with blends for morning, mid-day, and evening, will be appealing to experienced customers and those new to cannabis,” Bradley said. “It’s a convenient way for retailers to educate consumers and introduce them to the difference between the sativa and indica species and how they can influence energy and cognitive function throughout the day.”

In terms of medical efficacy, sativa strains tend to provide an uplifting head high, stimulating creativity and energy. Indica strains are recognized for producing a body high that can provide relaxation and pain relief. Indica strains can also be used as a sleep aid, making them best for evening use.

“Customers expect quality and convenience, and Headliners delivers both. Our team has been honing the craft of producing amazing joints that satisfy repeatedly. Whether you are looking for a shareable 2-pack duet or full gram solo, experience the difference and Light It Up with Headliners!”, said LaRose. Headliners pre-rolls leverage the great strains from our homegrown brand, Natural Selections, to create new strain combinations that deliver on the desired effect, so light it up and live the show!

About Ethos Cannabis:

Ethos Cannabis operates cultivation, processing and dispensing of medical and/or recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Ohio. Our goal is to have a clear and compelling consumer-centric vision focused on helping individuals feel and live better through their experiences with cannabis. Our mission is supported by our relationship with Jefferson Health, a leading academic medical center in the U.S., dedicated to collecting and analyzing valuable real-world data and developing educational initiatives with a focus on patient outcomes and quality of life. Jefferson Health is our Academic Clinical Research Center partner for vertically integrated operations under development in Pennsylvania.  Ethos is a vertically integrated cannabis operator with sixteen dispensaries and several house brands, Natural Selections (available in PA & MA), and Headliners (available in MA only) in its portfolio.  Ethos Cannabis serves recreational and medical consumers and is focused on expanding the health and wellness market with its relationship with Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Ethos is dedicated to helping individuals feel and live better through their experiences with cannabis.

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