EventHi to Host Hi Day 2020, a Global Online Cannabis Event

Image courtesy EventHi.io

SAN DIEGO – EventHi, the San Diego-based software tech start-up company, is set to host the world’s largest online cannabis event called Hi Day 2020 to encourage others to stay home and remain inside in order to follow COVID-19 social distancing measures that are firmly in place for most places in America and many countries around the world.

Starting on April 11, 2020, at 4:20 a.m. PDT, EventHi is getting thousands of Cannabis consumers to stay home and watch Hi Day 2020. Viewers can enjoy 24 hours of nonstop, live entertainment with a cannabis angle as comedians, musicians, health and wellness instructors and other industry celebrities from around the globe will perform. With a $15 virtual pass, viewers can enjoy the entire 24-hour event from the comfort of their very own home, which is something that leading health organizations like WHO and CDC recommend along with most states and many local governments.


The current lineup of Hi Day 2020 performers include:

  • Live music performance (Footsteps Before Spring) by Eugene Kurolap
  • Ganja yoga for relaxation and lung health with Dee Dussault
  • A short history of cannabis with Frenchy Cannoli
  • Live comedy show performance by French comedian Noman Hosni
  • A puff, pass and paint experience hosted by Heidi Keyes
  • And 18 other unique entertainment experiences

Countless industries in the U.S. and countries all over the world have been affected by this pandemic. The event and travel industries were some of the first major sectors to feel the brunt of COVID-19, something that is forcing companies to shift their business models to comply with social distancing standards.

“At the start of this year, our company was one of the fastest-growing companies in the cannabis industry,” said EventHi CEO and co-founder Ali Fakhri. “Our marketplace and business were drastically changed when the spread of COVID-19 required the immediate cancelation of conferences, festivals and small events to help bend the curve and fight against the spread of coronavirus.”

EventHi launched its software in 2018 and has grown to help over 800 event organizers host more than 3,000 cannabis-related events since then. Hosts use the EventHi platform to sell their tickets and sponsorships to over 60,000 registered event-goers looking to find new and live unique experiences in its safe and legally-compliant marketplace.

COVID-19 has halted in-person events and social gatherings, something that is forcing companies to adjust in real-time how people meet and enjoy entertainment. EventHi is using its presence in the cannabis industry and its online event software arena to make a positive impact by encouraging people to stay at home. The cannabis culture has long been stereotyped for staying at home and watching TV or spending time online, so the premise behind Hi Day 2020 felt like a match for social distancing and the current stay home movement.

“Our team at EventHi believes that society is built on human connection,” said Fakhri. “We are all born with the need to sense that we are part of a larger community, which is just as important to connect with others as water, food and shelter are to human survival. EventHi is engaging its large network of users and supporters to get people to remain inside while staying connected in a global effort to help fight the COVID-19 virus.”

A global economic recession wasn’t necessarily on the minds of most people until recently, but COVID-19 is impacting the world in a way historically associated with world wars.

“There are similarities to what I experienced as a kid growing up in Iraq during the first Persian Gulf war,” said Fakhri. “The current global coronavirus pandemic feels all too familiar to those times in that COVID-19 is not only detrimental to our economy, but our politics, economics and society on a global scale due to social distancing and the importance of staying home just to survive. We believe that Hi Day 2020 and virtual events like it can help keep people at home and stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

Giving back is another key focal point of Hi Day 2020 as 20 percent of proceeds raised will be donated to No Kid Hungry, the organization helping to feed kids in need during the coronavirus crisis. Due to school closures, it is estimated that kids in need will miss more than 101 million meals this week alone. There will also be a contribution given to each event performer as their incomes ceased when gatherings were restricted.

EventHi looks forward to entertaining those already sheltering at home and inspiring those that aren’t yet doing so to help stop the spread of COVID-19 with this virtual event.

For more details about Hi Day 2020, please visit the event page or click here https://www.eventhi.io/event/hi-day-2020-online-event-3602. For more information about EventHi, visit www.eventhi.io

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