GemmaCert to Show Cannabis and Hemp Diagnostic Solution at MJBizCon

RA’ANANA, Israel – An innovative new non-destructive solution for immediate and accurate analysis of cannabis composition and potency will be showcased for the first time in the U.S. at MJBizCon in December.

Developed by Israeli GemmaCert, the patented solution for cannabis and hemp testing allows users to collect actionable product data based on potency and composition. GemmaCert enables users to effectively distinguish between cannabis and hemp as per the maximum 0.3% THC threshold. GemmaCert can be used to refine product development, optimize grow cycle times, save costs and achieve desired potency levels.


As legalization spreads across the globe, cannabis and hemp businesses seek an edge over the ever-growing competition by investing in quality control to ensure their products are consistent, safe, effective and predictable. GemmaCert comes to this year’s MJBizCon with its simple, sleek and smart diagnostic solution which will enable users, from growers to retailers, to raise their quality control to a new higher standard.

GemmaCert’s superior performance is driven by its cloud-based patented AI-driven real-time solution. Testing is achieved by combining spectroscopy, image analysis and motion mechanics, operated by a smartphone app. Top analytical performance is backed by the world’s largest database of cannabis flower spectra, collected since 2015 by GemmaCert at its ISO 17025 certified laboratory.

In recent months, GemmaCert has garnered mass interest from cannabis and hemp industry players worldwide. Hundreds of units are already operating in key markets, including Europe, North and South America, Africa, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. The cannabis testing market is forecasted to generate as much as US$ 2 billion by 2025 and GemmaCert is positioning itself as a leader in the field.

About GemmaCert
GemmaCert was co-founded in 2015 by Prof. Oded Shoseyov, Dr. Guy Setton (CEO) and Dr. Dana Yarden, in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. GemmaCert is backed by Israeli and international investors, including professional and institutional funds.

The development of the GemmaCert solution took almost three years of intensive R&D by a talented multi-disciplinary team with relevant business and technology experience. GemmaCert’s analytical laboratory is ISO 17025 certified which is a testament to its professional testing, sampling, and calibration capabilities, resulting in the repeatable production of reliable results.