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DALLAS, TX – Responding to today’s competitive demands from companies in the growing cannabis industry to match 24-7 business opportunities with their corresponding need to be ongoing “learning” and training organizations, Learner Mobile is a versatile content platform and the marijuana industry’s first affordable and easily scalable solution.  It is a performance support and enhancement tool that correlates to how today’s workforce uses their smartphones, mobile devices and desktop computers to both learn and work, anywhere, anytime.

Learner Mobile’s customers are top organizations who span across a variety of industries, including retail, sales, manufacturing and healthcare. The company currently builds and deploys hemp/CBD/cannabis training to CBD Daily, Kiehl’s, Kanna, Nature’s Hemp Spa, Green Helix, Keracell, and Wildflowers.


The cannabis industry is a $9.5 billion industry and is projected to create nearly half-a-million jobs in the U.S. by 2022,” says Mike Thompson, CEO and Founder of Learner Mobile. “We are uniquely positioned to help businesses in this new and ever-changing space because we have a proven platform used by many of the world’s most admired companies, we have been building content for the cannabis industry for years, and we are a low-cost and easy-to-implement solution.”

Indeed, Learner Mobile can be a lot more nimble than traditional LMSs because it is completely configurable to accommodate the unique needs of any organization, and because it offers both formal learning such as compliance-based eLearnings, and the more desired informal content, such as forum and peer to peer learning.

“Access to educational and training resources in the cannabis industry is very fragmented, opaque and mostly unavailable to people looking to get into the industry for the first time. We’re really excited to partner with Learner Mobile because they share the same conviction in our mission to democratize access to employment and education in the cannabis space,” said Farhaj Mayan, CEO of Kanna, a Dallas-based company that provides licensed cannabis farms and dispensaries with a single system to hire, train and manage their workforce. “Our workers will now get to upskill themselves at no cost through self-serve education and certification programs on the LMS, while getting real time compensated work experience in the industry. In the long term, this allows our workers to graduate from gig jobs like trimming and budtending to transition into part time and full time roles in cultivation, processing, retail and beyond. The job creation potential is incredible.”

 “Learner Mobile is a best-in-class learning management system used by many of the world’s most admired companies,” said Tom Brooksher, CEO of Cannabis Industry Institute (CII), an organization that brings sales, store management, growing and processing, and laws and regulations training to the industry. “Our partnership with Learner Mobile allows us to deploy our large library of content on their mobile platform – getting training out to more companies and their workers, faster – so that everyone performs their best. The partnership between the Cannabis Industry Institute and Learner Mobile helps us to rapidly meet the immediate and long-term education needs of every organization in this space.”

Learner Mobile enables teams’ constantly changing and ever-present informal training needs in real time. It is particularly relevant for a widely-distributed or remote workforce. The platform is optimized to provide up-to-date information, training and knowledge to employees, exactly when and where they need it, without the expensive costs of implementation that traditional LMSs have.

What differentiates Learner Mobile from traditional LMS offerings is its ability to enable and track “informal” learning: where opportunity meets understanding and knowledge, delivered to employees on an ongoing basis as hyper-relevant, bite-sized, easily-digestible pieces of information.

 “We built Learner Mobile for today’s workers, whose learning and training needs never stop,” adds Mike Thompson, CEO and Founder of Learner Mobile. “Our approach is to focus on informally delivering the ideal content at the exact moment of need. By leveraging technologies that employees are already adept at using, we significantly reduce the cost to companies of delivering that learning.  In a world measured in seconds, access to information right nowis the competitive differentiator. We deliver knowledge (and therefore, value), fast.”

“As an administrator [with Learner Mobile], I find it easy to set up, track, and change what is needed to ensure our employees get the best mobile training material. Our company is all over the nation so it is important to make sure our employees are training constantly, and this allows us to track, change and add what is needed.”– Kove Young, Nationwide Overspray

Learner Mobile provides the right content at the right time to my team – right in the palm of their hands.  It’s a blast to use, it cultivates our culture and creates a community of top-notch experts.  Best of all, it has increased productivity and has really elevated our service standards.” – Amanda Ballard, Dentsply Sirona

Unlike a traditional LMS, which just focuses on formal training and is often too slow and inflexible for today’s workforces — especially in the ever-changing cannabis industry, Learner Mobile maps to the informal way in whichlearning occurs today: in a YouTube -familiar world, where engaging, bite-sized, easily-digestible pieces of on-demand information continually drips to employees,  ensuring that they’re never without the critical information they need. Whether your team is on the dispensary floor, in the office, conference room, or out in the world, companies can quickly and easily create and deliver how-to videos, quizzes, safety and compliance content, competitive information, certifications and more to any preferred mobile device of an entire team or a small subset of employees. 

Thus, a CBD pharmaceutical sales rep, dispensary manager, grower, or other employee in the cannabis space can easily find and access the most relevant content and training in real-time.

Learner Mobile unique product attributes and differentiators include:· 

  • Available at a significantly lower price-point than competing platforms
  • Delivers ongoing learning and immediate access to the most up-to-date information
  • Optimized to continuously deliver hyper-relevant information in bite-sized portions for your mobile, on-the-go workforce
  • Constantly analyzes your learning community’s activity and anticipates their needs so that it can pinpoint the exact content they need to see and when they need to see it
  • Provides training to address both formal and informal as-we-go information needs
  • Uses real-time analytics that are overlaid and tracked throughout all content and allow for companies to draw statistically significant data, gaining valuable insights and intel
  • Has a user experience that is customized to each employee and optimized for mobile
  • Focuses on easy, quick and simple content and course creation – allowing for a continual stream of needed and necessary learning.

About Learner Mobile
Founded in 2012 by parent company SVI, Learner Mobile is a veteran-owned, Dallas, TX-based learning platform and employee performance support and enhancement tool that corresponds to how today’s employees use their smartphones, mobile devices and desktop computers to both learn and work, anywhere, anytime. For more information, visit learnermobile.com