Measure Protocol Partners with Broccoli to Build Community of Cannabis Users

LONDON – Measure Protocol, the ethical person-based data marketplace powered by blockchain, has partnered with Broccoli to build an online research community for cannabis users. Broccoli, a brand of Audacia Bioscience, is seeking to close the information gap surrounding cannabis and will use the new community to connect with consumers, gather insights and share valuable data as it relates to the swifty maturing cannabis industry. The company seeks to unlock and communicate the benefits of cannabis, in a safe and effective environment for all cannabis stakeholders.

“It’s time to bring cannabis to the mainstream. Part of achieving this goal means gathering insights from cannabis users, making them feel welcomed and heard,” said Dr. Phillip Olla, Phd, Co-CEO of Audacia Bioscience, which developed the Broccoli brand. “Measure allows us to do this by providing a blockchain enabled, fully developed ecosystem so we could ramp up faster, more efficiently, and with confidence. Our new online community is based on transparency, inclusivity and credibility – all things that are incredibly important to our audience.”


Audacia Bioscience conducts rigorous clinical trials, cutting edge AI and crowdsourced cultural mapping for the cannabis industry. Serving all cannabis stakeholders from recreational consumers, healthcare professionals, producers, and distributors, they will use this new community to engage these audiences to participate in surveys, studies and trials. The data collected in the new community will help to craft a common language and experience, debunk or prove the many myths around cannabis, and make that knowledge available to everyone.

By partnering with Measure for its online community, Audacia Bioscience has the ability to:

  • Access Measure’s robust blockchain technology and user-friendly app interface, allowing Audacia Bioscience to grow its business without outgrowing its technology.
  • Offer users an ecosystem with intrinsic digital privacy, secure data exchange and fair compensation.
  • Gather insights surrounding all aspects of the cannabis industry to help companies navigate this swiftly growing space.
  • Engage cannabis users and stakeholders with highly targeted surveys and data jobs within a trusted environment.

Olla continued, “Measure’s incredible response time, flexibility, and positivity feels like what a partnership should be, not just an exchange of goods and services, but a mutually beneficial relationship that keeps getting stronger with each interaction.”

The Broccoli app can be downloaded at

About Broccoli
Broccoli is a brand of Audacia Bioscience, a company that is made up of a diverse group of professionals, who all share a passion for the potential of cannabis. The company strives to discover how to achieve the benefits of cannabis in a safe and effective environment through rigorous clinical trials, cutting edge AI, and crowdsourced cultural mapping. Broccoli is a safe and welcoming space for all cannabis stakeholders from recreational consumers, healthcare professionals, producers, and distributors to engage and participate in surveys, studies and trials.

About Measure Protocol
Measure Protocol was founded in 2018 by a group of media, ad tech, and market research technology veterans. Created to help consumers take ownership of their data and address data quality issues for buyers, Measure is an open blockchain-based protocol that facilitates a marketplace for person-based data where individuals take control of their data and monetize it directly with researchers, advertisers and brands. Consumers contribute data by completing surveys and other data-generating tasks or by providing access to existing data sources such as health and location from within the company’s MSR App for iOS. Founded on principles of data sovereignty, privacy, transparency and fair compensation, Measure provides an ecosystem that addresses challenges faced by the market research, advertising and AI industries.