Mellow Ice Cream Launches with Home Delivery in Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES – Home delivery has become the sign of the times for food and cannabis in this pandemic and start-up THC and CBD infused ice cream brand Mellow is out to prove their business model in the middle of the current pandemic. With coverage across the Los Angeles DMA, Mellow tackled the recent stay at home orders by unleashing a small fleet of Teslas with an ice cream freezer in their trunk. Bringing three exciting new flavors to customers and patients – Himalayan Sea Salt and Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Tahitian Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup – each contain 10MG of THC or 80MG of CBD per serving, providing a delicious, fun, and responsible method of dosing.

“I am pleasantly surprised to see how many people love the ice cream as we share free samples and gather feedback,” says Head of West Coast Operations and Partner, Chris Cornish. “I drive up and literally people are standing outside of the homes waiting for me with a smile on their face. I’m fully trained in the medicinal and dosage aspects of the company, so I enjoy being able to deliver the ice cream and also answer any questions they may have once I arrive. Everyone is impressed when I pull up and become really excited when they see the freezer in the back of the Tesla and look forward to trying the ice cream. It’s been exciting gathering feedback and preparing our product for an official release.”


For customers that aren’t in the current delivery areas, Mellow Ice Cream will offer an elevated food truck-type experience where excited customers can follow the Mellow branded ice cream truck. Customers can track the truck’s journey on the brand’s website to find out where they can purchase Mellow branded apparel while sampling their favorite flavors.

“We realized we are in a unique position to create a delivery service as part of our business model from the launch,” said President Enrique Gonzalez. “The team thought the ice cream truck would also be a fun addition to get people excited about our products.”

Life will eventually go back to normal but in the meantime, Mellow is having fun with the opportunity to introduce ice cream to Angelenos in an intimate fashion through its delivery service during its tasting phase. Look out for ice cream tastings, pop-up parlours, fun fashion merchandise, and check out their website

Please follow their journey at @mellow_icecream.