NECANN Brings Multiple Northeast Cannabis Conventions to Life This Fall

NEW YORK – The largest and longest-running cannabis conference in the Northeast has scheduled several conventions this fall under the banner of the New England Cannabis Network (“NECANN”). Cannabis business professionals, growers and consumers are invited to attend any or all of these locally focused, business-to-business conventions sponsored by NECANN.

Coming to New Jersey, Maine and Rhode Island, NECANN’s upcoming cannabis conferences are created specifically to help educate, promote, and develop regional cannabis resources and networking opportunities. NECANN’s upcoming cannabis conferences include:


The New Jersey Cannabis Convention, slated to be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from Sept. 14-15, 2019, at the A.C. Convention Center.
The 5th Annual Maine Cannabis Convention, to be held Oct. 5-6, 2019, at the Portland Sports Complex in Portland, Maine.
The 5th Annual Rhode Island Cannabis Convention, coming Oct. 12, 2019, at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

NECANN is developing a national reputation for putting big regional players and amazing opportunities together for investors, entrepreneurs, career seekers, canna-businesses, canna advisors, medical marijuana patients, caregivers, advocates and others in the cannabis community. This collaborative approach has resulted in consistently high return-of-investments for exhibitors, sponsors, participants and the local cannabis market by facilitating growth for all who attend.

Every facet of the cannabis industry is represented at NECANN conferences including legalization, banking, payment processing, packaging, patient education, displays and fixtures, cultivation, manufacturing, hemp, hydroponics, legal resources, accessories, POS and management software, private equity and investment resources, among many other timely topics.

For more information about upcoming NECANN cannabis conventions or to register, please visit:

The New England Cannabis Network (“NECANN”) has been creating resource hubs for the rapidly expanding cannabis industry since 2014. NECANN’s events are where businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates and consumers can connect, learn and grow. Individually created conventions focused on each local market’s unique needs and opportunities are a superior alternative to the generic national canna-convention franchises found everywhere. NECANN takes a collaborative approach to each convention that has resulted in consistently high ROI for exhibitors, sponsors and attendees and the local cannabis market. Cannabis-related advocacy groups or non-profits are encouraged to contact NECANN, which is proud to sponsor donated booths wherever NECANN local cannabis conferences are held.