Purpl Scientific Names Scientific Cell Company Distributor of Purpl PRO

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ST. LOUIS – Purpl Scientific announced that Scientific Cell Company has been named a Master Distributor of the Purpl PRO – the lab accurate, hand-held cannabis and hemp potency measurement system.

The Purpl PRO is a robust cannabis and hemp potency testing system that provides unlimited lab-accurate results in under ten seconds. The cloud-connected device can go anywhere – giving users the resources of a full-scale lab in the palm of their hand.


The team behind the Purpl PRO includes leading spectroscopy scientists from the U.S. and Europe, who harnessed the same proven technology used in critical pharmaceutical applications, and reengineered it to become cloud-based for portability and affordability.

Scientific Cell Company is a premier distributor of scientific equipment with customers throughout North and South America. Rooted in technology, the company specializes in providing the finest spectroscopy equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.
Evan Friedmann, Vice President of Scientific Cell Company, said that the Purpl PRO fills an important niche in the market.

“The Purpl PRO allows lab-accurate testing in the field, which provides an instantaneous level of insight into product composition that was previously unattainable,” Friedmann said. “This high quality tool can provide solutions for everyone in the eco-system: from growers and genome hunters, to processors and manufacturers, to laboratories and distributors, to dispensaries and retailers,” he added. “We encourage everyone to take a deeper look into this powerful, portable, and affordable system.”

Scientific Cell is a Master Distributor of the Purpl PRO. Customers and those interested in becoming a sub-distributor can receive more information by calling the company at: (516) 939-0808 or visiting: www.scientificcell.com/purpl

About Purpl Scientific, Inc.
Purpl Scientific developed the Purpl PRO to provide lab-quality test results in a compact, portable device. The Purpl PRO confirms cannabis quality and chemical composition throughout the lifecycle – from cultivation to consumption. Using technology proven in the pharmaceutical industry, the Purpl PRO is the world’s first potency testing system that provides lab accurate, instantaneous results in a powerful yet affordable cloud-connected device that fits in the palm of your hand.