Sublime Introduces New Hash Infused Pre-Roll Fuzzies

Logo: Sublime

OAKLAND, Calif. – Sublime, an award-winning cannabis manufacturing company best known for its Fuzzies brand of infused pre-rolls, announced today the launch of its Hash-Infused Fuzzies. As with all other Fuzzies, the hash-infused additions deliver a consistent cannabis flavor, but with a THC potency 35% plus, unheard of among other pre-rolls on the market.

The leading manufacturer of cannabis products in California, Sublime’s Fuzzies line continues to gain market share. The addition of Hash-Infused Fuzzies will further accelerate the company’s market dominance.


“It’s all about product consistency. No matter which Sublime product people prefer, they’ll get the same consistent flavor and potency,” CEO Ahmer Iqbal said. “People like knowing what to expect, and that’s why our products continue to grow in popularity.”

Hash-Infused Fuzzies are available in the “Mini” size – a three-pack of 0.8-gram joints, weighing in at 2.4 grams total. Like other Fuzzies, the hash-infused version is a slow-burning pre-roll that maintains the authentic cannabis-derived taste and a strain-specific high. The products come in three varieties: Indica –   Zkittles, Sativa – Maui Wowie, and Hybrid – AK-47.

Sublime’s best-selling original Fuzzies products are pre-rolls infused with cannabis concentrate, rolled in oil, and generously coated in kief for a smooth yet strong smoking experience. Naked Fuzzies are the pre-rolls without the outer layers, just flower infused with either live resin or distillate, making for a more mellow high. The Roll-Your-Own Fuzzies product is a pre-ground, infused cannabis flower that comes in a portable pouch with rolling papers, perfect for any adventure. Sublime also manufactures a popular line of distillate and live resin vape cartridges.

Sublime products are available at dispensaries and delivery services throughout California. For more information and to find a dispensary near you, visit