Wana Brands Quick Technology Changes the Game with Colorado Launch of Quick SPECTRUM Live Rosin Gummies

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BOULDER, Colo. — Wana Brands bolsters its reputation as an industry innovator with the launch of Wana SPECTRUM Live Rosin Gummies in Colorado, available in four distinct flavors. With fast-acting effects, these live rosin gummies are the first of their kind in the cannabis marketplace. Wana SPECTRUM Live Rosin Gummies come in colorful, story-driven packaging designed to engage consumers. There is also an augmented reality (AR) experience designed by the August Allen agency to complement  the live rosin cannabis experience.

“Advances in cannabis research and development are opening new opportunities to create products designed for specific consumer tastes,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands. “Our Quick SPECTRUM Live Rosin Gummies are designed with exploration in mind, allowing adventurous consumers to enjoy the nuanced, full-spectrum effects of the living cannabis plant in a familiar gummie format. SPECTRUM Live Rosin Gummies are enhanced with our Quick technology making them the first fast-acting live rosin gummie on the market providing Delta-9-THC effects. This combination of Delta-9 and live rosin produces an edible with the effects of smoking  without inhaling any smoke into your lungs.”


Wana SPECTRUM Live Rosin Gummies are made using only first press live rosin made from fresh-frozen top-shelf flower, not trim. Each package features a kaleidoscope-like image on top to spark fun and creativity, along with characters on the packaging that come alive through the access of a QR code. The August Allen agency built the Augmented Reality (AR) technology Wana is using on the packaging to engage consumers with fun interactive elements reflecting the gummies’ intense full-spectrum effects and fast-acting Quick technology.  Available flavors include:

Tropical Smoothie: These mouth-watering tropical gummies pop with fruity, floral terpenes preserved by our ice-water extracted live rosin, with rainbow packaging featuring a pineapple seahorse reminiscent of this flavor’s playful vibe. Each gummie contains 10mg THC, with 100mg total THC per package.

Citrus Sorbet: Bright, citrusy terpenes found in our top-shelf, ice water-extracted live rosin are the star of these refreshingly tart gummies. They are sure to make consumers’ taste buds sing along with the packaging’s gramophone character. Each gummie contains 10mg THC, with 100mg total THC per package.

Watermelon Slushy: Chill out with the ice-water extracted earthy pine-dominant terpenes perfectly complemented with a succulent watermelon flavor, with cool packaging featuring a watermelon succulent plant. Each gummie contains 10mg THC, with 100mg total THC per package.

Berry Gelato: Designed for the lover of funky, gas-like terpene profiles found in many iconic cannabis strains, these gummies elevate the edible experience with their fast-acting technology and ice-water extracted live rosin. Packaging features a scuba diver holding a bouquet of gelato cones and berries, a nod to the complex terpene-driven flavor profile offered by these gummies. Each gummie contains 10mg THC, with 100mg total THC per package.

Wana SPECTRUM Live Rosin Gummies are made without the use of chemical extraction solvents, enabling the purest possible experience of the cannabis plant. These gummies, like all Wana products, are vegan, gluten-free, made with all organic sweeteners, melt proof and Kosher-certified. Recent innovations from Wana Brands include Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, which provide Delta-9-THC effects similar to inhalation with an onset time of just 5-15 minutes, and Wana Optimals, a suite of daily wellness products powered by rare and major cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant-based ingredients to help people achieve important health goals such as sound sleep and appetite suppression. All Wana products are manufactured in line with cGMP and HACCP practices and are tested for potency. For more information on where to find Wana, visit https://www.wanabrands.com/buy-wana/.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Nancy Whiteman, please contact Emily Meshell at 318-564-8195 or [email protected].

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