7/10 Dab Day Roundup: Fun Finds for Cannabis Oil Holiday

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PHOTO: Canna Obscura / Shutterstock.com

Dab doers, concentrate connoisseurs, and honey oil lovers—it’s your big day! July 10, aka 7/10 or OIL Day (because “710” turned upside down looks like “oil”), is cannabis extract fans’ 4/20 (April 20—the first official smoker’s holiday). It’s a lot of letters and numbers, but put it all together and it spells out special promotions at your local, legal dispensaries and vendors, as well as extract-related special events.

Cannabis extracts come in many concentrated forms—hash, wax, honey oil, budder, sugar, shatter, live resin, and more, typically differentiated by extraction method or texture of the final product.


Dab consumers love the potent effects of cannabis concentrates and avoid some consumption of combustible particles that are inhaled when cannabis is smoked in its natural, plant form.

This year, of course, is unlike any other and social smoking is not happening. Some Dab Day celebrations will move online, while Colorado enthusiasts will be able to attend outdoor events that invite dabbers to participate, with appropriate social distancing, at healthy hikes and bike rides.

Even if you’re isolating, it’s a good day to try something new—a new cartridge option (if you vape), a new piece of gear or dab rig, or a fat dab of premium extract that you’ve been thinking of checking out.

Celebrate the day with this 710 holiday list of fun finds:

ABX GELCAP 100mg 10ct-p-500

If dabs aren’t a do for you, cannabis oil can still be experienced. These THC Soft-Gels are easier to use for precise dosing, odorless, and formulated for daily use. As with many digested cannabis product (like edibles), effects may be delayed and somewhat more potent. AbsoluteXtracts also partners with NorCal neighbor Lagunitas Brewery to create Hi-Fi Hops, a THC-infused beer. Available in California and Colorado, at ABX.org.

PHOTO: GetBloomFarms.com.

Some connoisseurs say that live resin is as close to the plant as one can get. Whole plant material is flash frozen to preserve the freshest extracted cannabinoids and terpenes in a solvent-free process. The Refined Live Resin Cartridges line has eleven specific strains to choose from, including Bloom Farms‘ Marionberry, Orange Creamsicle, and Wedding Cake—yummy summer favorites. Available in California, from GetBloomFarms.com.

PHOTO: Full Spec.

Washington-based Full Spec offers another dab day delight: Hybrid Live Resin Vapes. Consisting of live resin paired with high potency THC in strains like Citrus Sap, Candy Apple, and Green Dream, each AVD 510 Cartridge or PAX Pod delivers a curated experience packed with natural terpenes. Available in dispensaries; $30 MSRP. Instagram.com/full.spec.

PHOTO: DipDevices.com.

Gear maker Dip Devices offers its EVRI 710 Bonus Pack portable dab device starter set with additional gear—a $90.00 value—for $75.00, in honor of 710. The deal includes “our direct-to-concentrate Vapor Tip Attachment, our 510/Pod Attachment, our newest pack-and-go Quartz Crystal Attachment as well as some bonus accessories,” DD described. Available online, at DipDevices.com.

The SWITCH Vaporizer deluxe dabbing device uses Dr. Dabber‘s patent-pending induction heat technology to produce consistent and correct temperatures for vaping. They call it the SWITCH because users can vape either flower or concentrate material, with the touch of a button. Fast heating (ready in four seconds), induction heat also heats material evenly, which wastes less. Modern design garnered a Digital Trends Editor’s Pick Award. $399.95 MSRP. DrDabber.com.

PHOTO: NevadaMadeMarijuana.com.

With locations in Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Henderson, Nevada, Nevada Made Marijuana retail shops are hosting a 710 Sale on concentrate products from Kabunky’s and Farm Direct. Savings on shatter, crumble, badder, terp sauce, live resin, distillates, vape cartridges, and many more—a Sin City stock-up sale, for yabba-dab-a-do fans, in Nevada, at NevadaMadeMarijuana.com.

Ice-Cream-710-WM-News 1-1
PHOTO: Weedmaps.com.

Online cannabis portal Weedmaps has decided to double-dip for the 710 holiday, which happens to coincided with National Ice Cream Day. Partnered up SoCal ice creamery Afters Ice Cream, Weedmaps has created two specialty flavors—Peanut Budder Shatter and Pineapple Dab Express—that will be served up at dispensary locations in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, on July 10. For more info, visit Weedmaps.com.

PHOTO: 710 Labs/LinkedIn.com.

Cannabis product producer 710 Labs has an impressive menu of concentrates to choose from, as well as their own flower, gear, and even soil for cultivation. To thank customers that enjoy their products, the company offers their Stash + Cash Contest; one lucky winner will win three-months supply of hash (a retail value of approximately $2,500.00). Contestants can enter until August 31, 2020, must be from California or Colorado, and only one entry per person, per contest at 710Labs.com.