4 Great Marijuana Products That Won’t Give you a Buzz

Fiddlers Greens clip web
Fiddlers Greens clip web

Fiddler’s Greens Raw Tincture

Instead of using harsh chemicals to extract cannabinoids, Fiddler’s Greens uses a centuries-old, no-heat infusion process to produce its tinctures. This allows cannabinoids to remain in their raw, or acidic, form and preserves the terpene profiles. Four unique cannabis strains with unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles provide a variety of treatment options for better sleep, less pain, or a calming effect. Each strain is available in organic extra virgin olive oil or organic cane alcohol.


Fiddlers-Greens.com Leaf of LifeM ango Kush Terpene Lozenges marijuana productsLeaf of Life Mango Kush Terpene Lozenges

These tasty lozenges deliver a complex terpene blend for enjoyment and wellbeing. Myrcene and other terpenes are said to be effective for treating inflammation as well as pain; it also serves as an antibiotic and anti-mutagenic, and provides a mild sedative effect. The lozenges mimic the effects of Mango Kush strain. Presented in a convenient carrying tin.


Giggle Therapeutic Marijuana ProductsGiggle Therapeutics

Fun THCA-isolate “frosting” in a 90-percent pure formulation can be eaten or smoked, offering patients variety in treating inflammation and muscle spasms. Chewable THCA-infused vitamin C tablets—organic, vegan, and gluten-free—come in a 10mg dose. Rosehips contribute to boost Vitamin C, and cordyceps helps promote a healthy immune system.


NannaJuanas marijuana productsNaNnaJuanas Skin and Hair Care Products

Nannajuanas skin and hair care products contain the company’s own “hempmollient,” a trademarked blend of organic hemp oil and other high quality emollients, blended exclusively to create their natural skin and hair care line. Egyptian Beauty Body Butter, Ginseng Derma Rescue, and Wrinkle Fighting Reformer are a few of their hemp-infused skincare products. Nanajuanas also offers lip balms, as well as hair detoxifier and revitalizer products. No GMOs, gluten-free, Vegan-friendly, fragrance-free, and PETA-certified with no animal testing.