5 THC Infused Goodies That are Perfect for the Super Bowl

Cannabis THC Infused super bowl treats mg retailer
Cannabis THC Infused super bowl treats mg retailer
The big game is almost here. If you are like most of us, snacks and treats are as big a deal as the game itself. But what if you are tired of the same old chips and beer? This year you may want to change it up a bit and add some THC infused fun to your Superbowl party. Check out these five THC-infused snacks that will make your party feel like a victory no matter which team wins.
Marijuana Super Bowl Loris Potato Chips mg retailer
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Lori’s Potato Chips by Craft Elixirs

Chips are a must-have for basically any party ever. But if you are looking to infuse a bit more fun into your Super Bowl party then you may want to consider Lori’s Potato Chips by Craft Elixirs. These chips should not be too potent for your guests as they include only 10mg of THC per bag. They come in three varieties, Sweet Potato, Roasted Garlic, and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper.

Ceria brewing cannabis infused beer super bowl mg retailerPhoto courtesy of Ceriabrewing.com


Ceria Brewing Co. Belgian-Style White Ale

This may be a cannabis-themed Super Bowl list, but did you really think we would not include a beer for your party? Ceria Brewing Co. has released a Belgian-style White ale that is infused with THC. It does not have alcohol and includes 10mg of THC per bottle so you do not have to worry about your guests getting too much of a buzz at your party.
Fairwinds cannabis infused Sriracha mg retailer
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Fairwinds Cannabis Infused Sriracha 

Fairwinds makes a hot sauce that will spice your party up both literally and figuratively. Their cannabis-infused sriracha includes 100mg of THC per bottle and will provide some excitement even if the game turns out to be boring. Fairwinds Sriracha uses all-natural ingredients and is avocado oil-based, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO.
VCC Cannabis Pretzels mg retailer
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VCC Savory Pretzels 

Pretzels are a staple of any Super Bowl party. Venice Cookie Company is one of the most well-known brands producing cannabis edibles, and their savory pretzels are perfect for game day. Each bag contains about 30 pretzels. Each pretzel includes 3 mg of THC so your guests can take a safe approach when eating them. VCC‘s savory pretzels are vegan-friendly.
California Dreamin cannabis infused soda mg retailer
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California Dreamin Cannabis Sodas

For those looking to skip the beer, California Dreamin  has a line of THC-infused sodas. They come in several flavors including Tangerine, Pomegranate, Cranberry Apple, and Grapefruit. They are made with all natural fruit and carbonated water and do not include added sugar or artificial flavors. Each bottle contains 10mg of THC.