Pre-rolled joints are among the most popular products in the cannabis market today, gaining ground year after year. According to Headset data, pre-rolls are the third largest category in cannabis retail, accounting for fifteen percent of dispensary sales in 2023. The convenience and cost have consumers elated, offering brands an easy way to introduce their bud to new audiences without the sticker shock.

The variety in the pre-roll space has expanded to include a wide range of SKUs. From dogwalkers to infused tarantulas, there’s a J for every occasion in 2024. With so much variety in consumer preference, brands have a lot to consider when shopping for a new piece of equipment. These seven pre-roll machines can suit just about any commercial use case and price point, covering the full range of options from classic manual devices to the latest innovations in automated machine design.

Hefestus AuraX

  • Cost: Inquire for pricing
  • Output: 2,160 pre-rolls per hour

The AuraX is well-suited for medium- and large-scale operators searching for a fully automated pre-roll machine built for ease of use and efficiency with minimal downtime. While its reported output of 36 joints per minute may replace up to 16 manual laborers, its filling process is designed to mimic hand-tapping with a Dutch fold to close the tip. Popular cone sizes are filled with a tamping vibration table to ensure consistency; the automated tubing process streamlines production while minimizing opportunities to damage finished pre-rolls. The AuraX supports a variety of filling options, including fine grinds, large particles, and bubble hash. Hefestus keeps downtime to a minimum by using common yet high-quality parts from Siemens and Festo, ensuring easy maintenance. U.S.-based virtual tech support is available if needed.

PreRoll-Er STR (starter kit)

  • Cost: $87,000
  • Output: 840 pre-rolls per hour

PreRoll-Er BoxFinish-er and Hummingbird machine

The STR starter kit package includes PreRoll-Er’s Hummingbird desktop centrifuge machine to pack cones quickly and the BoxFinsih-Er to prepare them for packaging. The Hummingbird is a single-operator pre-roll-packing machine that uses centrifugal force to distribute all types of ground and sifted flower. It has a fill range of 0.35–1 gram and works with infused products. Operators load empty cones into a cartridge system, fill them with prepared cannabis, place the cartridges into the machine, and wait 15 seconds for the machine to distribute flower evenly across 120 joints at a time. The BoxFinish-Er is an automated solution for adding twits, flat tops, and Dutch folds to standard and infused pre-rolls. Operators load pre-rolls into the tray and let the machine grab, twist, cut, and fold 20 pre-rolls per minute.

Futurola Knockbox 500 Cone Filler

  • Cost: $24,998.75
  • Output: 15,000 pre-rolls per hour

Futurola Knockbox 500 cone-filling machine

Futurola has the distinction of being the top-selling pre-roll machine maker in the game, with a wide variety of solutions for both craft and commercial producers. The Knockbox 500 is Futurola’s top-of-the-line cone-filler, capable of processing 500 cones in two minutes. This cutting-edge machine is fully automated and compatible with several sizes of Futurola cones and speed cycles. Optional add-ons include a cone loader, capping machine, and unloading station.

RollPros Blackbird

  • Cost: $225,000
  • Output: 1,000 pre-rolls per hour

RollPros Blackbird automated joint-rolling Machine

A true rolling machine, the Blackbird creates perfectly uniform joints instead of filling cones. The patented technology allows producers to retain moisture while offering consumers a rich and flavorful smoke. The automated machine can fully customize pre-rolls with a range of paper materials, filter tips, and weights. A handy calculator on the RollPros website lets operators determine the price per joint and develop a clear roadmap to understanding the return on their investment

Sorting Robotics Stardust

  • Cost: Inquire for pricing
  • Output: 960 pre-rolls per hour

Sorting Robotics Stardust joint rolling machine for infused cones and pre-rolls
Sorting Robotics

Sorting Robotics has been making waves in the cannabis space since its first pre-roll infusion robot, JIKO, was introduced a few years back. The company’s latest innovation, Stardust, puts concentrates front and center with its automated kief dusting capability. With demand for infused pre-rolls continuing to rise, Stardust allows brands to effortlessly create high-quality “fuzzy” joints in a variety of coatings. Able to handle multiple sizes and concentrate types, Stardust is the next generation of pre-roll equipment.

Perfectionist Rolling APEHEX

  • Cost: $200,000 with financing and lease options available
  • Output: 1,200 pre-rolls per hour

Perfectionist Rolling prides itself on being a leader in precision automated pre-roll production with machines that can accurately and consistently weigh material within a 0.02-gram tolerance. The customizable APEHEX system uses a tube load system compatible with most standard cones to create joints anywhere from 0.3 to 1.5 grams in weight with infused options. Each joint is finished with a Dutch fold, weighed, and set for packaging. The APEHEX system comes with a high-speed grinder and wholesale pricing on HBI brand papers. Multi-unit discounts are available for commercial manufacturers.

Paxiom Juanaroll

  • Cost: Inquire for pricing
  • Output: 4,000 pre-rolls per hour

JuanaRoll Paxiom commercial pre-roll machine

Trusted by cannabis brands across the country, Paxiom makes a wide range of post-harvest automation solutions. The brand’s Juanaroll pre-roll machine is their top-of-the-line model, capable of running multiple strains at once through individual channels. Joints can be finished in a variety of ways, from twist ends to Dutch folds, making for impressive customization. The Juanaroll is especially useful for white-label manufacturers or licensed producers with several brands under their umbrella, thanks to its high volume and relative speed.