7 Great Commercial Cannabis Grinders for Pre-Rolls and Extracts

Photo: GreenBroz

The variety of cannabis products on the market and the diversity of cannabis consumers are constantly expanding. Smart entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the popularity of pre-rolls and extracts. Whether your business is a multi-state operation or a boutique farm, investing in one of the best cannabis grinders can significantly improve your profitability.

Consumers expect manufactured pre-rolls to smoke like a professionally-rolled joint and for their favorite vape oils to provide consistent experiences. Integrating a strategically selected commercial grinder into your post-harvest processes can give your business a sustainable, long-lasting competitive edge.


What to consider before buying a commercial grinder

For most plant-touching businesses in the industry, a commercial cannabis shredder is an essential tool for a consistent and fluffy grind. Over the years, electric weed grinders have come a long way from their consumer coffee grinder and handheld 4-piece grinder roots. A modern commercial grinder is a significant investment, and businesses looking to expand their operations need to be strategic in their selection. There are numerous and sometimes overwhelming considerations businesses must make before deciding on which grinder is right for them.

Is your business focused on finding the best weed grinder for pre-rolls where a fine grind is a top priority? Are you expanding to a multi-state operation where consistency matters the most? What are your aspirations as a brand? Does your business have the potential to produce a wide variety of cannabis products requiring extracts? Will the company from whom you purchase the grinder provide the customer service you need to operate smoothly and sustainably? These are just a few of the vital questions businesses may want to ask themselves before investing in a new commercial grinder or fully automated system.

There are an exciting variety of industrial-scale grinders on the market today with hand cranking or fully automated functions, and it’s important to learn about your options before making this important decision. This guide will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and provide key information about the best commercial grinders available in 2022.

The final product

Businesses use industrial-scale grinders to develop a wide range of cannabis products. According to a study recently conducted by Headset, sales of vape and pre-roll products grew more than the overall cannabis market in 2021. Consumers are big fans of infused pre-rolls, pre-roll multipacks, and disposable vapes. Netting almost $2.6 billion in U.S. retail sales last year, vapor pens have claimed the second-largest revenue category in the American cannabis market.

Pre-rolls, vape oil, tinctures, edibles, and wax all require ground bud for production. For businesses that invest in the supply of one or all of these products, the profit potential is massive. If your business is focused primarily on pre-rolls, there are specific grinders designed to optimize the quality and quantity of pre-roll production with perfect consistency. There are also grinders with integrative systems which streamline extraction processes with the press of a button. Before making a purchase, smart businesses must consider the full range of products they plan to provide.

Not only do cannabis companies need to consider the types of products they want to sell, they should also factor in the scale and future growth of their operation. Boutique farm, medicinal cannabis processors, multi-state operations, and start-up dispensaries all have their own specific needs. Cannabis consumers are a diverse community and demand a diverse product selection. If your business serves a niche customer base, investing in adaptable machinery with ample capacity can yield tremendous long-term increases in the profitability of your operation.

Compliance and quality

Before purchasing a commercial grinder, investigating the business from whom you are purchasing is imperative. High-quality commercial herb grinders are made from food-grade stainless steel materials and will generally not list for under $2,000. However, higher price points do not inherently equate to higher quality technology. The best grinders on the market today are certified under GMP, OSHA, CSA, and/or UL standards, make their products in the United States, and offer at least one-year warranties.

The customer service and social responsibility of the grinder brand are other significant factors your business may wish to investigate before making a purchase. Does the seller have the ability to quickly assist you if the machine breaks down? Does their business model reflect the values of your own operation? Can you count on the business to meet your needs as your own operation evolves?

Key features

Cannabis businesses should also develop a clear understanding of industrial grinder elements before they decide on the piece of machinery that is right for them. Some grinders use whips and others use blades. Blades are generally better at preserving trichomes and terpenes during the grinding process as they expose the flower to less heat. High-quality grinders offer well-designed kief screens and kief catchers with multiple size options for different grinds and easy cleaning.

If your business is planning to expand geographically or diversify its product options, companies that offer integrative automated systems for pre-roll machines and extraction could be the best option. The larger your operation grows, the more machinery you will need. Even the highest-quality machinery wears down with use, and the availability of replacement parts is central to the long-term life of your purchase.


Sensi Shredder Pro

Developed by cannabis professionals, the Sensi Shredder Pro produces uniform particulates ideal for pre-rolls, concentrates, or edible processing. Its hardened stainless steel blades can be applied in sets of two or four to control the size and speed of the grind. The all-copper core of the grinder’s motor features a thermal safety shutoff and waterproof power switch. In addition to processing a pound of flower every minute, this grinder includes an aluminum hopper pan to slide cannabis into the grinder at just the right speed. The Sensi Shredder comes with a three-year warranty or, for an additional fee, a guaranteed five-year warranty. Price: $2,500.

High-Tech Shredder

High Tech 7lb Shredder

High Tech Shredder, owned by Shingle Manufacturing, exclusively sells commercial grinders and offers free shipping to 48 states. A single High Tech 7lb Shredder can process up to 200 pounds in just one hour, and its motor includes a built-in circuit breaker. Instead of blades, the High Tech Shredder uses food-grade stainless steel whips to produce uniform consistent grinds. This machine is UL-rated and made in the United States. It has a 1-horse WEG motor and operates on 120V power. This company is also certified by the (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and demonstrates its commitment to accessibility throughout the shopping experience. Their website features an accessibility interface to help people with specific disabilities easily navigate the purchasing process. Price: $7,500.


Futurola Super Mega Shredder

With an integrated three-millimeter sifter barrel made of stainless steel and a plexiglass lid, the Futurola Super Mega Shredder removes stems and seeds during the grinding process. It can shred and sift an impressive five pounds in seven seconds. This Futurola model features a digital timer to prevent over shredding and offers a one-year warranty. The grinder is designed for pre-roll production at medium to large scale operations. It also works with the Futurola Knockbox 3 to bring your business up to 100 pre-rolled cones in just two minutes. Price: $9,500.


STM Canna

STM Canna Revolution 2.0

Built for both pre-rolls and extractions, the STM Canna Revolution 2.0 includes interchangeable fine and coarse particle screens for both grinding purposes. Its dual blade feature slices through flower with precision in scissor-like motions for clean cuts that preserve terpenes and cannabinoids. The grinder chute allows for easy detachment and quick maintenance. And the closed-loop system self-regulates material feed to preemptively avoid system clogs. The Revolution 2.0 is OSHA compliant, processes 15 to 30 pounds of dry flower in a single hour, includes a safety stop system, and features a touch screen for controlled speed. Price: $15,950.


Triminator ShredMaster

If your business needs to shred whole plants, stalks, stems, fresh flower, and dry flower, the Triminator ShredMaster is an industrial weed grinder. The ShredMaster is built with powerful low-speed and high torque motors that reduce even the most difficult solids. A single machine can process up to 500 pounds every hour and produces approximately 5/16 inch-sized material after shredding. The output size can be customized at the factory but cannot be altered post-assembly. It features right-height hoppers for convenient loading, as well as heavy-duty shafting and bearing to ensure the grinder’s longevity. Designed with safety in mind, the grinder features front-mounted controls and easily accessed emergency stops. Price: $27,640.


Mobius Mill M210 Shredder

With five screen options for customized output, a continuous throughput mill, ergonomic design, and indoor non-marking casters, the Mobius Mill M210 Shredder stands out as a high-quality versatile commercial grinder. Whether you are grinding for pre-rolls or extraction, the Mill M210 produces optimal results. The machine is ready for GMP-compliant facilities and can process between 32 and 200 pounds of dry flower in a single hour. Milled material can be collected in the included tote or fed through an integrated conveyor for fully automated flows. It is easy to clean and requires only 110V power. Price: $33,800.


GreenBroz Model G Precision Grinder + Destemmer

Expertly designed with top-shelf pre-rolls in mind, the GreenBroz Model G Precision Grinder works hard for its reputation as a top-tier machine. It features a whisper-quiet motor, removable speed control box, continuous feed low-heat technology, and a unique milling function that leaves stems intact for easy removal. Choose from three different screen sizes, or insert any standard stainless steel perforated metal sheet for customized final products. The Model G processes 100 pounds in just one hour and includes a removable grind tray. It can also be standardized for multi-state operations and integrated into the Rise N Grind system for maximized efficiency. GreenBroz machines are made in the United States, assembled by hand, and include a 3-year warranty. They are a Veteran-owned company that’s committed to American craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Price: $34,995.



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