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Use the Right Technology for Sophisticated Decisioning

Technology can move retail significantly forward when focused in the right direction. Predictive analytics, audience-building, consumer profiling, and advertising attribution all offer sophisticated decisioning to...
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Growing Like a High-Tech Weed

Until recently, “the future of cannabis” meant the end of draconian drug laws, increased patient access, and federal legalization of a safer recreational alternative...
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16 Influential Technology Companies

Ten years ago, having consumed cannabis at least once was enough to qualify job-seekers and entrepreneurs for an industry gig. In a world struggling...
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Using Living Soil For High-Quality Cannabis

More cultivators are returning to the living soil growing method: a tried-and-true classic that centers on the natural microbial benefits of soil for optimal,...
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There’s Untapped Potential in the Billion-Dollar U.S. Homegrow Market

Today’s legal industry focuses heavily on the retail and cultivation space, and as a result, conversations and awareness around homegrowers are few and far...
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3 Essentials for Developing Successful Social-Equity Partnerships

Social equity has become one of the most salient topics within the business community in the past two years—a movement catalyzed by nationwide protests...
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Packaging Responsibly for Compliance and Public Opinion

Recently, the State of New York proposed new rules governing the packaging of cannabis products as it readies for legal adult-use sales. Labels will...
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Design and Purpose Stand Out at Woody Harrelson’s The Woods

Celebrity cannabis brands work best when the figures behind them are known consumers of the product and earnest in their vision of bringing something...
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California Cannabis: Analyzing Shifting Consumer Trends In The Golden State

Each year, the cannabis industry attracts new entrepreneurs and businesses because of its immense potential for growth. By 2025, the total annual United States...
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Brands and Profit Margins Driving M&A

In 2021, a record-breaking flurry of merger-and-acquisition (M&A) deals reshaped the cannabis industry. While the pace of M&A activity in 2022 seems unlikely to...