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Senate Takes Long-Awaited Step Toward Cannabis Banking Reform

WASHINGTON – The cannabis-friendly Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act is on its way to a floor vote in the Senate after...
Microdose Gummies in red and orange with a sugar coating

The Mainstream Appeal of Microdose THC

Microdose gummies and low-dose seltzers are often seen as an ideal entry point for first-time consumers, but they’re also becoming mood- and performance-enhancing substances...
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Defying Digital: The Resilience of Print Advertising in the Modern Age

The average person spends more than six hours online each day. Who has time to read magazines? It turns out a lot of people still...
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Six Essential Strategies for Maximizing Event Sponsorships

Conferences and trade shows are excellent ways for professionals to learn, engage, and find new opportunities. But everyone knows the real business happens after...
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Analysis: Eliminating 280E Could Save 12 MSOs $700 Million Annually

NEW YORK – The twelve largest operators in the cannabis industry would save a combined total of $700 million annually if Internal Revenue Code...
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Marketing Comms: Overlooked Opportunities and Low-Hanging Fruit

For many operators in the industry struggling to survive, marketing has become all but an afterthought. It’s easy to play the blame game here: illicit...
Burb Dispensary BC Canada interior

Burb’s Minimalist Designs Speak a Universal Language

Some brands just seem to have an innate sense for how to make it to the top. They’re able to attract the old guard...
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The Cost of Doing Business in Cash

Although medical or adult use is legal in thirty-eight states, four United States territories, and Washington D.C., the fight to legalize the plant on...
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8 Luxury Cannabis Accessories for Sophisticated Tastes

Several recent studies have defined ways Generation Z—those born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s—are changing the consumer marketplace. For example, Brightfield...

Debt Financing Is on the Rise

With cannabis stock prices stalling and sliding over the past few years, companies increasingly have turned to debt financing as a means of raising...