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6 Strategies to Consider Before Slashing Prices

In an unpredictable economic climate, savvy retailers are constantly challenged to innovate and adapt, finding fresh strategies to remain resilient as consumer confidence retreats....
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86% of Employers Plan to Hire More in 2024, but Benefits, DEI Declining

DENVER – Following two years of radical corporate downsizing as consumers returned to pre-COVID spending levels and investment dollars evaporated, the cannabis industry is...
DALLe mg magazine

Your Packaging Doesn’t Have to Speak in Riddles

“A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Sir Winston Churchill’s immortal words often arise in my mind when I’m trying to untangle a...
United States Capitol Building in Washington DC USA

Cannabis Caucus Co-Chair Will Not Support Federal Rescheduling

SACRAMENTO – Rep. Barbara Lee (D) is digging in on her all-or-nothing stance on federal cannabis reform, saying she believes the potential move to...
MJ BizCon 2023 Las Vegas --1269

Cannabis Industry Trade Shows and Events 2024

Another year, another full schedule of cannabis events. It’s shaping up to be one the most jam-packed years yet when it comes to networking...
best dispensaries in chicago

8 Top-Rated Dispensaries in Chicago

The Illinois adult-use cannabis market opened for business on New Year’s Day 2020 to crowds of hundreds who lined up before sunrise in Chicago...
sales vs marketing DALL-E mg magazine

Sales and Marketing Are Not Really the Same Thing

Although often linked in job titles, company divisions, and corporate reports, sales and marketing are related, but not identical, concepts. Ultimately, the two have...
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Striving for Sustainability with Aeroponic Growing

Cannabis is an incredible plant that can be grown in a tiny pot or spread freely across mountains in the wild. Over the years,...
guide to perfect packaging for cannabis DALL E mg magazine

10 Commandments of Perfect Packaging for Cannabis

Consumers, retail buyers, and marketers are putting more emphasis on brand presentation than ever before, with the results often playing a large role in...
Boise capital building

Idaho Bucks International Trend, Increases Criminal Penalties

BOISE, ID. – In 2022, Idaho arrested an estimated 4,992 individuals for cannabis possession, marking the third consecutive annual increase. This year, if state...