Extracting Long-Term Success with Prodigy Processing Solutions

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In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, success hinges on efficiency, productivity, and adaptability. For business owners, maintaining this trio is akin to juggling: The moment you stabilize one aspect, another clamors for attention. The constant balancing act is challenging but essential—and, in a competitive marketplace, so is finding ways to minimize the strain it puts on resources.

That’s where Prodigy Processing Solutions’ suite of solutions designed to streamline operations can help. Prodigy emphasizes cutting-edge technology and innovative processes. The company’s approach eliminates time-intensive tasks, reducing labor costs while liberating human capital to tackle higher-level strategic goals. Prodigy aids clients in enhancing their operational efficiency, helping them remain agile and responsive to ever-changing market demands while boosting return on investment (ROI) and long-term revenue.


Because the company manufactures its own equipment in Ohio, Prodigy can shorten supply-chain timelines considerably, delivering “made in USA” quality control and providing extraction technology at a competitive price.

“Our offerings transcend immediate gains,” said Marc Beginin, Prodigy’s founder and chief executive officer. “We provide strategic tools that are adaptable to market trends and scalable for business growth. This ensures our clients can expand their operations effortlessly, stay in sync with consumer demands, and secure a vital competitive edge.”

Detail-oriented and hyper-competitive, the cannabis industry demands solutions that simplify complex, repetitive tasks. The ProX hydrocarbon extraction system was painstakingly designed to meet those needs by delivering high-speed processing without compromising quality.

“The ProX system conquers the challenges of cannabis processing,” said Director of Innovation Matt Armstrong. “Built with 316L pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel and offering the fastest recovery rates in the industry, the ProX aligns with a plethora of regulatory standards for operator and consumer safety as well as our customers’ business goals. Our customers tell us there’s no better way to guarantee operational peace of mind.” 

Prodigy believes the ProX is unique in its capacity to operate at temperatures below -100°F, incorporating in-line winterization that saves twelve to twenty-four hours of processing time.

“The ProX is the only hydrocarbon extraction system that is certified to operate at cryogenic temperatures,” Armstrong said. “This means reduced labor costs and faster ROI alongside improved profit margins due to these efficiencies.

“The ProX isn’t just a machine,” he continued. “It’s a strategic business tool.”

In fact, the Prodigy team is devoted to helping customers obtain strategic business advantages, beginning before the sale. The company’s consultants guide potential customers in selecting equipment and procedures tailored to their unique needs. The team provides comprehensive training to help clients fully leverage their investment. What’s more, Prodigy’s Optimization Program supports lab planning, design, and equipment integration, complete with expert operational analysis and future planning recommendations to help clients stay on top of the inevitable shifts in consumer preferences.

Prodigy’s offerings extend beyond primary extraction, featuring a suite of “soil to oil” services that include architectural lab design and ancillary and post-processing equipment like Class 1, Division 1 pods, clean rooms, distillation systems, and vacuum ovens. The solutions help ensure every aspect of a manufacturing operation leverages the latest in workflow advancements and customized, state-of-the-art technology.

The whole process focuses on helping partners produce marketable products, diverse product lines, and revenue growth.

“This isn’t just about equipment sales,” Beginin said. “It’s about empowering our clients to excel in operational efficiency, navigate complex regulations, and embrace advanced technology for sustained growth and prosperity. We’re not just building machines. We’re cultivating relationships and success stories across the industry.

“Prodigy’s solutions grow with our clients’ business ambitions, making us more than a supplier,” he added. “We are a growth partner in every sense of the word. We equip our clients to scale, adapt, and lead.”

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Photo: The ProX, Prodigy’s flagship extraction system.

RUST to RICHES: Prodigy’s Buy-Back and Buy-Down Programs

Upgrading to the latest technology is a smart move toward enhancing efficiency and product quality, but finances can present a hurdle. Prodigy has a solution for that, too. The company’s Buy-Back Program, which allows clients to exchange their outdated equipment for credit toward new Prodigy gear, is believed to be the first of its kind in the industry.

“Many processors cobble together systems from outdated parts, leading to subpar products,” said Steve Tegeder, senior vice president of business development. “Our goal is to phase out such equipment from the market.

“What sets Prodigy’s program apart is our commitment to buying back equipment from any manufacturer, including competitors, ensuring our clients have access to the latest technology without financial strain,” he continued. “We’ll match the current market value of the traded-in equipment and even match the original purchase price in some cases.”

Prodigy also works with reputable third-party lenders to offer financing solutions, making upgrades easier for clients. To further sweeten the deal, the company’s Buy-Down Program incentivizes lenders through direct credits from the company that buy down interest rates—in many cases, to as low as zero percent.

Tegeder said the programs “set a new standard for service and value.”

“The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from our customers affirms we’re on the right path,” he said. “We’re eliminating financial barriers to entry, allowing our clients frictionless options to upgrade and optimize their lab operations. Prodigy’s pioneering approach empowers extraction labs to stay well ahead of their competitors in real time.”