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cannabis science with CBD oil and red gloves

Feds Request New Cultivators to Supply NIDA Researchers

NEW YORK, NY - A federal agency this month took steps to end a decades-long monopoly on cannabis grown for research, issuing a call...
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Cannabis Tax Revenue Is Surpassing Alcohol in Arizona and Other States

PHOENIX — Cannabis could be emerging as a significant source of tax revenue for Arizona. According to recently released data from the Arizona Joint...
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Diversity Is Not Enough When Building a Strong Team

As the cannabis industry rapidly expands across the world, its customers, workers, and products continue to diversify. While demographic diversity has become a standard...

D.C. Council Vote to Shut Down Cannabis Gifting Services Falls Short

A bill targeting shops “gifting” cannabis to consumers failed to receive enough votes in the Washington, D.C. Council this week. If approved, severe penalties would...

Rocket Seeds Levels Up

The cannabis industry is moving at a lightning-fast pace. Between new markets coming online, advanced product offerings, and widening interest in cannabinoids among researchers...

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