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Pre-Roll Preparation Pays Dividends with the Right Cannabis Mill

The latest technologies developed by the industry’s leading manufacturers are helping cultivators transform products once infamous for their flaws into craft commodities capable of demanding...
August 10, 2019 San Francisco / CA / USA - USPS delivery van stopped in front of a UPS location, unloading Amazon packages

New Federal Bill Could Allow Small Growers to Sell Over State Lines

WASHINGTON D.C. - Small-scale and legacy cultivators stand to benefit immensely from the “Small and Homestead Independent Producers (SHIP) Act,” which would allow small...

PX10: Raw Hydrocarbon Extraction Power and Performance

As more states legalize cannabis and consumer preferences in existing markets mature, cannabis concentrates’ market share will continue to expand. Trend data indicates concentrates,...

The Importance of Hermetically Sealed Environments in Cannabis Cultivation

Properly regulating a grow room environment can be tricky, costly, and environmentally wasteful. Indoor growers have far more control over the environment where their...
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The American Voter Supports Cannabis Business Banking Access

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A new poll has revealed a majority of American voters support allowing legal cannabis businesses to access banking services. The survey,...