Use the Right Technology for Sophisticated Decisioning

Technology can move retail significantly forward when focused in the right direction. Predictive analytics, audience-building, consumer profiling, and advertising attribution all offer sophisticated decisioning to help brands and retailers invest more effectively. The technologies should inform product development and inventory management, yet companies too often create products and introduce them into the market without understanding whether they will sell. Instead,...
mg Magazine August 2022 Digital Cover

Designing Sustainable, Cost-Effective Grows

An industry-wide shift to sustainability and efficiency sounds great on paper, but for many indoor cultivators the best solution doesn’t always seem within reach. However,...
Ace-Team 4

Beaker & Wrench’s Wiped-Film Units Help Producers Maximize Revenue

Cannabis oils and concentrates represent a large—and growing—portion of the market. Although the sector can be lucrative, product manufacturers must ensure not only emphasize...

The Power of a Holistic Approach to Extraction

At the first cannabis conference Agrify Chief Executive Officer Raymond Chang attended, he was enamored with the innovative technology solutions the community had created....
Woods-Daylight-6068 Photog -Diana-Dalsasso

Design and Purpose Stand Out at Woody Harrelson’s The Woods

Celebrity cannabis brands work best when the figures behind them are known consumers of the product and earnest in their vision of bringing something...

What Goes into Award-Winning Dispensary Tech (and What You Get Out of It)

Long before the doors of a dispensary open, operators must find an optimal location and manage legal compliance, staff training, store operations, and more....

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