Accessibility Is a Strategy for Success in the Cannabis Industry

Established under precarious legality, the cannabis industry was forced to build a viable marketplace in a constant state of uncertainty. The entrepreneurs of the industry have proved their ability to adapt, reimagine, and innovate. Today, cannabis engineers are leaders in hydroponic farming, cannabis technology experts customize software to ensure safety for consumers, and professionals all across the industry are...
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Affiliate Marketing Can Help Brands Increase Revenue

In 2020, digital affiliate marketers earned more than $17.3 billion worldwide. Almost half that total, $8 billion, accrued to marketers in the United States....
Science and medical, Scientists or Health care researcher holding test tube and analyzing data DNA gene transfer and gene therapy disease treatment and prevention in scientific chemical laboratory.

Israeli Researchers Use Virus to Boost THC Levels

JERUSALEM – Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers have used a plant virus to engineer a cannabis strain with higher levels of THC and other...
man's hand holding a pre-roll joint between his index finger and thumb

Rolling Out a New Age for Pre-Rolls

Some of the most innovative ideas come directly from passionate consumers. Pre-rolls consistently represent a huge portion of the cannabis marketplace, yet they often...
cannabis science with CBD oil and red gloves

Feds Request New Cultivators to Supply NIDA Researchers

NEW YORK, NY - A federal agency this month took steps to end a decades-long monopoly on cannabis grown for research, issuing a call...
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Cannabis Tax Revenue Is Surpassing Alcohol in Arizona and Other States

PHOENIX — Cannabis could be emerging as a significant source of tax revenue for Arizona. According to recently released data from the Arizona Joint...

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