Is Hemp is a Threat to the Tobacco Industry?

For decades, the tobacco industry has been a worldwide behemoth, racking up billions of dollars in revenue and boasting marketing with a far-reaching impact on global culture and society. However, there is a new rookie in the economic market: hemp. This newcomer rapidly has gained popularity since it was federally legalized in the United States, thanks to the 2018 Farm...


Firebolt: Product

Sign Language

For some retailers, a sign is simply a static holder of practical information. For centuries, what else could a retail sign really do? But...
PermaTherm IMG 0441 web

PermaTherm Introduces Direct-to-End-User Approach for CO2 Optimization

When non-cannabis companies begin contributing to the industry, a breakdown in communication is almost inevitable—and for paneling companies entering the grow space, forgetting to...
High Tek USA

High Tek Automation for the Future

Cultivators must be accurate, efficient, and capable of scaling up while maintaining consistency. To stay competitive in an evolving marketplace, growers need to automate...
eBottles Hero Floating Navy web

Are You Harming Your Brand with Mylar Bags?

Opinions differ about what makes a cannabis product successful. Most base their opinion on things like potency, terpenes, and which cannabinoids are present. But...

Feds Allege $60M Industry Ponzi Scheme and Shut Down WeedGenics

WASHINGTON – Two individuals behind the company WeedGenics are accused of running a Ponzi scheme and spending tens of millions of dollars on luxury...
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