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Dispensary budtender letting a customer smell a cannabis flower product

Indica vs Sativa: Unlocking the Antiquated Mystery

In dispensaries all across the United States, cannabis products labeled “sativa” and “indica” line the shelves. However, our dependence on phrases like indica, sativa,...
Minimal composition for business, shipping and storage concept. Colorful plastic crate container on yellow background. 3d rendering illustration.

6 Loyalty Programs for a Lasting Retail Advantage

Even though markets are expanding, the crowded retail landscape in many regions can make acquiring new customers difficult and expensive. Implementing a robust loyalty...
1 quarter ounce of marijuana or about 5 cannabis buds

How Much Is a Gram? Guide to Cannabis Quantities

Cannabis comes with a niche culture and uniquely defined quantifying system. Accurate measurements for weed include both the imperial and metric systems, but there...

8 Great Cannabis Trimming Machines

While trimming by hand reigns supreme among craft growers and smaller operations, commercial cannabis trimming machines play an integral role in shaping the products...

5 Rosin Presses to Squeeze More Profit

In an industry where wellness is often at the center of the conversation, products manufactured without chemicals are destined to be popular. Commercial rosin...

5 Bucking Machines to Boost Efficiency

Cannabis bucking machines can dramatically increase the efficiency of the post-harvest process and reduce labor costs. When cultivators and processors integrate the right bucker...
Cannabis storage with dark blue and one red container

5 Simple Cannabis Storage Solutions 

There is a lot to consider and control when it comes to cannabis storage environments. The hundreds of chemical compounds that give cultivars unique...
Communication network concept. Partnership of business.

Refining the B2B Sales Process

While recession looms over the remaining months of 2022, publicly-traded multistate operators (MSOs) have watched their stock prices plummet, endured diminishing capital investment, and...
cannabis Photography in marijuana field Field Canna Obscura

Creating and Leveraging Quality Cannabis Photography 

Imagery is one of our most compelling visual marketing tools, it’s a powerful mechanism to influence people instantly. But without the right photography, businesses...
Flowhub-Product-4 web mg-magazine

Picking the Perfect Dispensary Point-of-Sale (POS) System

A point-of-sale (POS) system is a central feature of any dispensary's operation. With the rise in ecommerce and delivery, the cannabis industry is becoming...