5 Rosin Presses to Squeeze More Profit

Photo: Pure Pressure

In an industry where wellness is often at the center of the conversation, products manufactured without chemicals are destined to be popular. Commercial rosin presses help the industry keep up with the growing demand for concentrates without using potentially harmful solvents in the extraction process. Because these concentrates are produced without ethanol, butane, or carbon dioxide, rosin is often preferred by health-conscious cannabis connoisseurs across North America.

Market trends have shown a long-lasting and significant increase in this popular concentrate produced with a heated press. According to BDSA, North American demand for solventless extract increased 132 percent each month from June 2021 to June 2022. This increase in popularity is reflective of ongoing growth in demand for concentrates. As a product category, concentrates have grown from 10 percent to 25 percent of legal market sales over the last decade.


Manufacturers across the Americas are responding to the demand for clean products like solventless concentrates by investing in rosin press machines. Commercial rosin extraction technology has the power to apply precise amounts of pressure and heat for high-quality, potent extracts rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. While there are a number of effective commercial rosin presses on the market capable of producing high-quality rosin, different machines are optimized for different portability, capacity, and power preferences.

Photo: Triminator

Triminator — TRP Stack

  • $5,980
  • One-year warranty
  • Built in the USA

The Triminator TRP Stack is a variable-hydraulic rosin press with high pressure and low temperatures, which makes it a great option for manufacturers looking to produce extracts with high-terpene retention. The TRP Stack features three food-grade aluminum plates with ample pressing space and a 25-ton hydraulic cylinder.

Depending upon their preferences and needs, customers can choose from several pump options, like the air hydraulic foot pump, which works well for running multiple presses, or the hand pump, which gives operators greater control over the process.

Triminator’s temperature control system allows operators to dictate the temperatures of individual plates to create precise and repeatable results. Whether it’s hash, sift, or rosin, operators can dial in their ideal temperatures. Even a few degrees can drastically alter the quality and consistency of a concentrate, which makes the temperature control tool especially useful.

The TRP Stack also includes Triminator’s Easy Pivot drop technology which ensures directional flow by using gravity to move rosin out of the bag, away from platens, and onto the cool surface below. This technology allows the rosin to fall immediately, making collection fast and sanitary with parchment paper.

Photo: Rosin Tech

Rosin Tech — Daxtractor

  • $6,400
  • One-year warranty 
  • Made in USA

The Rosin Tech Daxtractor provides 25 tons of hydraulic pressure in a machine that is small enough to fit on a countertop. The compact size and significant pressure capabilities make this machine a sensible purchase for both craft farms and lab use. The rosin press comes in a hard-shell Pelican rolling case, aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel coating to reduce wear, and a chrome-plated piston rod for corrosion resistance. Strong materials make the machine durable and easy to clean.

This portable rosin press comes fully assembled and ready to use, and while the machine does not require an air compressor, operators will need a hand pump. The Daxtractor hand pump, which features two speeds, a large valve knob, and a spring-loaded hang lock, can be purchased with the rosin press.

In one press, the machine can process around 30 grams of flower and 60 grams of dry sift or hash. The dual-heated aluminum plates help manufacturers ensure even heat and pressure are applied during the extraction process. And the four different sizes of filter bags give manufacturers flexibility in their operations.

Photo: Nug Smasher

Nugsmasher — Pro Touch

  • $6,995
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in North America

The Nugsmasher Pro Touch is a variable-hydraulic rosin press with smash plates that measure 7 x 10 feet.  Although it is large in size, its design allows for easy operation. Hydraulic power is exerted when the cylinder inside the machine is activated either through an external pneumatic process or with a manual hand pump. Variable-hydraulic presses like the Nugsmasher are often preferred by manufacturers with high-yield production needs, as well as adjustability with the option to function like a manual press.

While the machine has the ability to exert 20 tons of pressure, users can transition between presets to control temperature and pressure down to the decimal. Three heating rods installed in both plates help ensure consistent temperature control. With a simple thumb-operated pressure controller, a manual handle option, and easily adjusted settings, the rosin press provides manufacturers with a convenient system compatible with all Nugsmassher rosin press bags.

All Nugsmasher machines are designed and manufactured in North American factories and each purchase includes support from the factory available seven days a week. Nugsmasher backs its products with a lifetime warranty and live customer service every day from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. PST. Customers can also take advantage of quick-start settings and easily access the online calculator tool that automatically determines ideal settings for different starting materials.

Photo: Pure Pressure

PurePressure — Longs Peak Rosin Press

  • $9,495
  • Two-year limited warranty and an optional five-year warranty for purchase
  • Made in Denver

PurePressure’s Longs Peak Rosin Press is a pneumatic rosin press powered by an air compressor. By simply pushing a button, the user can increase pressure and heat in small, precise increments for a high level of control. When it comes to commercial-scale production, pneumatic presses are popular because of their accuracy and consistency over some electric rosin presses.

With an eight-ton oil-less cylinder and heat plates with temperature accuracy to one degree, the Longs Peak Rosin Press offers exceptional large-scale extraction capabilities. PurePressure’s Pressware technology also offers an LCD touchscreen with custom software. Users can save up to 29 preset recipes and process up to seven pounds of flower per day or 12 pounds of sift per day.

The machine can press 80 or more grams of dry sift at one time or over 40 grams of flower. To ensure the process goes smoothly and works effectively in various factory settings, the machine comes with orientation legs that allow it to operate vertically or horizontally.

PurePressure also offers a slightly smaller commercial rosin press called Pikes Peak, which is equipped with five tons of force and the ability to press about half the amount of flower that the Longs Peak can process in one session.

Photo: Sasquatch

Sasquatch — 200 Ton X Yeti Pro

  • $130,000
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Made in Southern California

The Sasquatch Yeti Pro is a comparatively expensive weed press, but it packs 200 tons of hydraulic pressure. In a single press, the Yeti Pro can press 1,000 grams, making it a great machine for large-scale multi-state operators. Despite its power, the press can fit on a cart or countertop, and it only requires one dedicated 20-amp circuit.

The machine also features parts certified by Underwriter Laboratories, FDA-approved coatings, forklift accessibility, and a lifetime warranty, which appeals to businesses with big operations. Additionally, the Yeti Pro is equipped with fire-safe insulation and heat-resistant components.

Each Yeti Pro comes with a custom welded frame and the option for additional customizations at the customer’s request. If a customer has smaller-scale production needs, they can opt for the 55-ton Pro Series.

The Yeti Pro also enables remote operation with a smart computer system on which users can store and set pressures, temperatures, and times for consistent and precise results.

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