How Much Is a Gram? Guide to Cannabis Quantities

1 quarter ounce of marijuana or 5 cannabis buds
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Cannabis comes with a niche culture and uniquely defined quantifying system. Accurate measurements for weed include both the imperial and metric systems, but there is plenty of slang used for standard amounts. This can be quite confusing to someone without a kitchen scale or experience in cannabis culture when trying to determine how much a gram, eighth, quarter or ounce of cannabis costs and what a consumer should expect to see. However, precise measurements will only be found from legal dispensaries.

Cannabis typically is sold to consumers in one gram, one-eighth of an ounce, a quarter-ounce, a half-ounce, or a full ounce with a price break for larger amounts. Most dispensaries cap individual sales at one ounce per visit, so customers likely will not expect to go home with anything larger than an ounce of flower.


Cultivators and distributors, however, frequently deal in half-pounds and full pounds when selling to dispensaries. See what weed looks like in popular quantities with some basic pricing information in legal markets.

One gram of weed photographed on a white background

How much is a gram of weed?

One gram of weed is enough to roll one joint or pack two bowls; it’s typically the smallest quantity of marijuana flower a dispensary will sell to cannabis consumers. A gram of weed usually looks like a standard or average-size nug.

Before recreational or medical marijuana were legalized in the United States, people colloquially referred to a gram of weed as a “dime bag” because it sold for about $10. Today, many dispensaries sell single grams of marijuana for around $15 depending on the quality of the product.

an eighth or three nugs of cannabis flower

One eighth

When you hear people talk about “an eighth” in the context of cannabis, they are referring to one-eighth of an ounce of flower. Eighth weed is a very popular purchase for consumers.

How much is an eighth in grams?

An eighth is 3.5 grams of weed and usually will amount to a good handful if held in one palm. An eighth of cannabis will produce about four good-sized, pre-roll joints.

Depending upon the strain and producer, buying an eighth of weed costs $20 to $65 plus any applicable state or local taxes in legal cannabis markets. gram of weed, gram of weed, gram of weed

1 quarter ounce of marijuana or 5 cannabis buds

Quarter ounce

There are seven grams in a quarter which produces around seven sizable joints or pre-rolls.

People often refer to this amount simply as “a quarter” or “a quad.” You can expect to pay  $45-$55 for a quarter ounce in legal markets like California. This quantity usually comes with a bulk discount and may go on sale when its freshness fades.

half-ounce of marijuana flower on a white background

Half ounce

A half-ounce or 14 grams of cannabis flower is frequently purchased by medical marijuana patients and high-volume recreational consumers.

A half-ounce of cannabis costs anywhere between $100 and $160, making it a great option for people who have found a strain they really enjoy and want to save on the cost per gram.

Generally, the larger the quantity, the more bang consumers expect to get for their buck. Dispensaries frequently offer exceptional deals on amounts this size and larger. A half-ounce, also referred to as “a half-O” or just “a half,” can produce more than 25 joints and up to 14 blunts.

one ounce of marijuana flower on a white background


A full ounce is equal to 28 grams of marijuana. In most legal states, this is the maximum amount an individual may purchase at one time. Just like the price of a half-ounce, the price of a full ounce can vary significantly.

Consumers can expect to pay anywhere in the neighborhood from $160 to $350 for an ounce of weed.

When a dispensary needs to make space for incoming shipments of flower, they sometimes offer full ounces for heavily discounted prices.

one pound of cannabis flower on a white backround

Half pound

Once cannabis is being quantified in terms of pounds, it’s usually in the context of business-to-business sales. A half-pound is equal to 226.8 grams or eight ounces of marijuana. Industry workers sometimes refer to this amount as a “half pack” or a “half-pounder.”

The amount usually takes up the space of half a bowling ball. In some instances, the industry professionals may deal in quarter pounds of cannabis flower, which are commonly referred to as “QPs.” If ground up, a half-pound of cannabis is approximately 13.5″ (length) x 7.2″ (width) x 6.25″ (height).

How many grams in a quarter pound?

There are 133.4 grams in a quarter pound of weed.

one pound of cannabis flower on a white backround

One pound

How much is a pound of weed?

One pound of weed costs anywhere from $250 to $1,000 in most legal markets, but the price of a pound varies greatly depending on factors including the quality, state, and whether it was grown indoor or outdoors.

Sun-grown or outdoor cannabis costs around $100 per pound of flower to produce. However, when cannabis is grown in a greenhouse or indoors, production costs can increase from $250 to $475 per pound. A pound top shelf flower is sold at wholesale for about $750 with prices varying greatly for older or lower-grade products.One full pound of weed is equal to 453.6 grams of flower, can pack upwards of 1,000 bowls or 500 joints, and takes up the space of a full bowling ball.

One pound is an everyday measurement for growers and large-scale buyers or processors. Once ground through a precision commercial grinder, a full pound of ground cannabis is roughly 13.65″ (length) x 10.75″ (width) x 9.75″ (height).

All photos courtesy of Wonderbrett

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