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Taylor Engle has 9+ years of experience in global media, with a deep understanding of how it works from a variety of perspectives: public relations, marketing and advertising, copywriting/editing, and, most favorably, journalism. She writes about cannabis, fashion, music, architecture/design, health/medicine, sports, food, finance, and news.
Microdose Gummies in red and orange with a sugar coating

The Mainstream Appeal of Microdose THC

Microdose gummies and low-dose seltzers are often seen as an ideal entry point for first-time consumers, but they’re also becoming mood- and performance-enhancing substances...
Burb Dispensary BC Canada interior

Burb’s Minimalist Designs Speak a Universal Language

Some brands just seem to have an innate sense for how to make it to the top. They’re able to attract the old guard...
Houseplant Seth Rogan Rolling Tray

8 Luxury Cannabis Accessories for Sophisticated Tastes

Several recent studies have defined ways Generation Z—those born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s—are changing the consumer marketplace. For example, Brightfield...
Dispensary Buyers Guide Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Buyers’ Guide

The cannabis industry is in the midst of a generational changing of the guard, and with that comes a more diverse consumer demographic, new...
Washington, D.C. skyline with highways and monuments.

6 Top-Rated Dispensaries in Washington, D.C.

With only six licensed medical dispensaries, Washington D.C. is not typically regarded as a cannabis destination. But when you combine the ability to easily...
HAND FIXheymanifesto create an editorial image for Artificial intellige 08c5e77c-80ea-4bfd-9593-b3f2881eac58 copy-transformed web

9 AI Tools for Marketers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to feel like the next seismic technological shift, steadily pouring into every facet of modern life from art to...
Farmer driving combine harvester collecting industrial hemp flowers on the cannabis sativa field, side view.

What the 2023 Farm Bill Could Mean for CBD and Other Cannabinoids

The 2018 Farm Bill revolutionized the hemp landscape, jump-starting an industry currently valued at more than $4 billion and expected to reach $16 billion...
LED grow lamp for plants. Copy space. 3d illustration

8 LED Manufacturers to Illuminate Your New or Existing Grow

Finding the right option for your desired output and budget is imperative in a highly competitive market. That’s why an increasing number of growers...
Trimming scissors with cannabis leaves over dark background - medical marijuana farming concept

Trimming Fan Leaves to Maximize Bud Health and Quality

Trimming fan leaves during flowering helps you manipulate the growth cycle of your plants, and sometimes you’ll find that entirely removing fan leaves during...
Herbary dispensary interior

The Herbary Succeeds with Vintage Apothecary Charm

With deep apothecary cabinets, scalloped-tile ceilings, marble countertops, and sketches that could as easily adorn a botanist’s notebook as dispensary walls, Canadian chain The...