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How to Build Better Budtender-Brand Relationships for Long-Term Success

The cannabis industry is in the midst of having to come to terms with the effects of oversaturation with seemingly countless brands and dispensaries...
till and no-till farming Aerial view from camera drone of yellow Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea) field, it is grown to improve the soil and as source of fodder

The Benefits of No-Till Farming

A major trend sweeping cannabis cultivation is no-till farming, a return to tried-and-true cultivation methods that focus on soil health by improving soil fertility...
Soil meter is used on loam for planting, Measure soil acidity.

Understanding the Significance of pH in Cannabis Cultivation

The world’s greatest athletes and trainers focus immense energy on perfecting the fundamentals of their activities to reach peak performance. As the cannabis industry...
Cannabis wax extract on black background with spatula close-up.

Solventless Concentrates Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Today’s legal cannabis industry enjoys a wide variety of product types that meet a broad range of consumer interests. And for the concentrate connoisseurs,...
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Fall 2022 Dispensary Buyers’ Guide

This ain’t your grandpappy’s weed marketplace. Gone are the days of boys’ club stoner culture where high amounts of THC were the sole consideration in...
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How to Combat Budtender Turnover

Many entry-level retail jobs experience a high turnover rate, and the cannabis industry is no different. Dispensary budtenders are categorized as an entry-level foray...
Woman practicing yoga at a lake in nature wellness lifestyle

Cannabis as Wellness: Do All Brands Need to Keep Up?

Before it became the target of racist stigma in the 1920s, cannabis enjoyed centuries of history as a spiritual, medicinal, and holistic facilitator. Today,...
Professional scientist researchers and checking cannabis plants in a hemp field, Marijuana research.

6 Portable THC Testers Providing Cultivators with Actionable Data

With increased cannabis legalization comes an increased demand for cannabis lab testing, and while more companies are popping up to specialize in this still-lacking...
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16 Influential Technology Companies

Ten years ago, having consumed cannabis at least once was enough to qualify job-seekers and entrepreneurs for an industry gig. In a world struggling...
Hands that are preparing the soil to grow cannabis seedlings that are growing Medical marijuana World Cannabis Day Concept

Using Living Soil For High-Quality Cannabis

More cultivators are returning to the living soil growing method: a tried-and-true classic that centers on the natural microbial benefits of soil for optimal,...