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Taylor Engle has 9+ years of experience in global media, with a deep understanding of how it works from a variety of perspectives: public relations, marketing and advertising, copywriting/editing, and, most favorably, journalism. She writes about cannabis, fashion, music, architecture/design, health/medicine, sports, food, finance, and news.
Hands of Robot and Human Touching. Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence Technology Concept 3d Illustration

9 of the Latest AI Tools for Cannabis Marketers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to feel like the next seismic technological shift, steadily pouring into every facet of modern life—business, art, education, politics,...
Abstract art lines background. Monochrome white stripes like letter Z.

How to Engage with Gen Z in 2023

The beginning of the legal cannabis industry was defined by excess, and in response, the market catered to the most obvious group that had...
best-dispensaries-las-vegas Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign at dusk.

10 Best-Rated Dispensaries in Las Vegas

With continued market expansion, gaining traction as a dispensary isn’t getting any easier. For operators trying to succeed in major cities with legal adult-use...
PGR-Weed potential with business men going up and down

Is PGR Cannabis Worth the Weight?

An increasingly competitive market with slim profit margins means cannabis cultivators are always looking for ways to optimize output. But without hindsight, the line...
Zero-party data collection. Hand leading global network connection and data exchange with Abstract Background. Communication technology for internet business and social network Concept. Elements furnished by NASA.

Get Acquainted with Zero-Party Data

Digital marketers want to collect a certain amount of personal information from their target consumers to build personalized campaigns that will increase the chance...

Which States Could Expand Cannabis Legalization in 2023?

Oklahoma voters rejected a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis for adult use during a special election this month by a margin of 62 percent,...
Professional scientist researchers and checking cannabis plants in a hemp field, Marijuana research.

6 Portable THC Testers Providing Cultivators with Actionable Data

With increased cannabis legalization comes an increased demand for cannabis lab testing, and while more companies are popping up to specialize in this still-lacking...
LED grow lamp for plants. Copy space. 3d illustration

8 LED Manufacturers to Illuminate Your New or Existing Grow

High-quality lighting is paramount for growing cannabis — especially for commercial indoor or greenhouse cultivators who need to optimize their grow spaces to stay...
Set of cannabis skincare cosmetic gel, serum swatches isolated on white background. Different colored transparent skincare product smear smudge sample collection. Liquid cream with bubbles texture

How to Sell Your Cannabis Beauty Brand This Holiday Season

The cannabis beauty market is hotter than ever, as evidenced by recent statistics. According to data gathered by New Frontier Data, 49 percent of...
Outer Elements Photography cannabis indoor growing room mg Magazine mgretailer

Making the Most of Your Grow Space with Low-Stress Training

Growing plants comes with a major learning curve, which means the more patient, curious, and consistent the grower is, the better the results will...