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Taylor Engle has 9+ years of experience in global media, with a deep understanding of how it works from a variety of perspectives: public relations, marketing and advertising, copywriting/editing, and, most favorably, journalism. She writes about cannabis, fashion, music, architecture/design, health/medicine, sports, food, finance, and news.
Throwing a life rope buoy to a drowning person holding a hand above water.

6 Strategies to Consider Before Slashing Prices

In an unpredictable economic climate, savvy retailers are constantly challenged to innovate and adapt, finding fresh strategies to remain resilient as consumer confidence retreats....
MJ BizCon 2023 Las Vegas --1269

Cannabis Industry Trade Shows and Events 2024

Another year, another full schedule of cannabis events. It’s shaping up to be one the most jam-packed years yet when it comes to networking...
best dispensaries in chicago

8 Top-Rated Dispensaries in Chicago

The Illinois adult-use cannabis market opened for business on New Year’s Day 2020 to crowds of hundreds who lined up before sunrise in Chicago...
Park Social dispensary 1222

Park Social Wears Art Deco Well

With beautiful beaches and sprawling trails, a rich maritime history, and an Art Deco architectural theme that serves as the town’s connecting ribbon and...
Businesswoman phone and laptop using , online shopping concept.

7 Cannabis Ecommerce Providers

Global ecommerce sales jumped from $4 trillion in 2022 to $6.3 trillion in 2023, largely thanks to the pandemic-fueled uptick in online shopping that’s...
Flora Cannabis East Lansing Michigan 4

Flora Is for Locals, by Locals

After a decade of finding their feet amidst intense brand competition and strict regulatory oversight, Michigan’s dispensaries are beginning to see a return to...
1 quarter ounce of marijuana or about 5 cannabis buds

Weed Measurements and Prices Updated for 2024

Walking into a cannabis dispensary for the first time can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all of the industry terms. From...
business man looking at the digital marketing and email landscape for 2024

The Essential Guide to Email Marketing in 2024

Despite proclamations about the next seismic shift in business technology disrupting everything you know, email marketing remains at the top of the food chain...
best cannabis edibles and gummies

10 Best-Selling Edibles Brands Across the Golden State

Edibles have been gaining ground as one of the preferred methods of consumption for consumers of every age demographic across the country. According to...
cannabis seeds for sensimilla, sensimilla weed, and sensimilla meaning

Sinsemilla: A Potent Evolution in Cannabis

Sensimilla or “sinsemilla” is a seedless female cannabis plant bred to produce better buds, larger yields, and a more potent product. Introduced to the legacy...