5 Bucking Machines to Boost Efficiency

Photo: Centurion Pro

Cannabis bucking machines can dramatically increase the efficiency of the post-harvest process and reduce labor costs. When cultivators and processors integrate the right bucker into their operation, the machine can increase a company’s bottom line for years to come.

Certain types of operations are better suited to the bucking process than others, and it’s important for cultivators and processors to consider both their starting material and end goals before making a purchase. While most commercial bucking machines can process wet and dry flower, bucking works most efficiently and effectively with wet buds. Dry flowers are often too delicate to withstand bucking, even with simple bucking boards, and the process can damage the integrity of the bud if not performed properly.


While bucking is not always the ideal method to use for dry flower, the quality of some hemp and cannabis products can benefit from the terpene preservation achieved through mechanically bucking wet flower. Crops intended for fast freezing and extraction often produce higher quality end-products when they are processed mechanically with de-stemmers.

Cannabis equipment companies often design their products with a specific customer in mind, and many offer an abundance of high-performance customizations and variable speed controls to help cultivators get the most out of their machines. The bucking machines on the market today vary considerably in their price, throughput rates, customer support, portability, and integrative capabilities. Before making a purchase, cultivators should assess each of these factors to choose the machine that fits into their operation the best.

Photo: EZ Trim

EZ Trim Bud Bucker

  • $8,999
  • Three-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 11 to 44 pounds per hour 

The EZ Trim Bud Bucker is a solid machine for any business trimming product by hand and seeking a way to increase efficiency. There are eight entry points on the machine that allow two operators to feed stems simultaneously. The Bud Bucker can de-bud a plant in three minutes, and with two operators, it can finish two plants in the same amount of time.

The Bud Bucker is an adaptive machine that can be dialed in for businesses with precise needs, like those fresh-freezing products for extraction. Operators can adjust the roller speeds to accommodate specific strains, bud sizes, and moisture content. The machine is easiest to use with wet flower, but EZ Trim offers customers personalized guidance to ensure operators can confidently use the machine to de-stem product of any moisture level without causing any trauma to the buds. The adjustable entry point tips give operators the ability to adapt to different strains and gently remove buds from stems without over-compressing the product.

Notably light for its capacity and speed, the Bud Bucker is a 130-pound machine equipped with wheels, a shelf for a storage bin, a front table to catch buds, a rear table to catch stems, and a prep table to use as a work surface. In 20 minutes, all components of the bucker can be fully cleaned.

In addition to a three-year warranty and customer service available every day of the week, EZ Trim offers live virtual training that includes guidance on everything from prep and setup to maintenance and personalized tips.

Photo: Triminator

Triminator Buckmaster Pro

  • $12,995 to $19,995
  • One-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Up to 300 pounds per hour 

Triminator’s most powerful hemp bucking machine significantly increased the capacity of its original bucker with a station configured for two operators. The original Buckmaster is capable of processing 150 pounds of flower per hour, while the Buckmaster Pro can strip twice the amount of flower from stems in the same amount of time. Because dry flower takes longer to buck, these bucking rates are achieved with wet product. Triminator offers a hybrid trimmer that trims flower of varying moisture levels and makes an efficient pairing with the Buckmaster Pro.

The Buckmaster Pro is a highly customizable machine with a variety of controls and an adaptable design. In addition to providing operators with precise control over the bucking process, the machine can be adjusted and situated for varying operational needs.

To accommodate different conditions at both farms and post-harvest facilities, the Buckmaster Pro is equipped with off-road tires and a one-horsepower motor. The hemp bucking machine also includes roller speed control providing infinite adjustment options, lockout-tagout controls that allow operators to use best practices for cleaning, and adjustable height to easily match up with a trimmer or conveyor.

For businesses that have good credit and over three years of operation under their belt, Triminator’s equipment financing partners offer payment plans with rates as low as six percent. For businesses that need a more flexible commitment and lower upfront costs, Triminator also offers equipment leasing programs.

Photo: Mobius

Mobius MBX

  • $23,400
  • One-year warranty
  • Made in Canada
  • 80 to 150 pounds per hour

The Mobius MBX is a commercial-scale cannabis and hemp bucker designed to integrate with the entire line of the Mobius Automation Suite, an end-to-end system for the post-harvest process. After buds are stripped from their stems with a gentle cut, the MBX chute funnels move flower to conveyors for the next stage of the operation. The automated system is an appealing option for multi-state operators who need to optimize their product consistency on a commercial scale.

With the ability to process both wet and dry flower, this machine can buck over 100 pounds of product in a single cycle. Seven feed holes designed for dual operators help speed up the post-harvest process and the one-half horsepower, variable-speed, stem-pulling motor helps pull the stems gently to keep cannabinoids and terpenes fully intact. The MBX also features two chipping blades and large-diameter rollers that help strip full-sized stems at controlled speeds similar to scissors.

This cannabis bucking machine is operated through a button panel designed to keep hands clear from the machinery. It includes a glove-friendly control panel with a safety stop and a reverse setting to quickly clear stem obstruction. Certified under general manufacturing practices, the 275-pound machine needs only a 115-Volt power source for operation. For easy cleaning, the machine is made entirely of stainless steel and includes cleaning guards to protect operators while they pressure wash.

Most notably, the MBX is equipped with an integrated chipper that cuts stems into smaller pieces as it bucks. This feature is designed to reduce the time and inconvenience of green waste removal for more cost-effective disposal. Waste produced from the MBX bucking process is less bulky and more condensed than unchipped stalks.

Photo: Munch Machine

Munch Machine Cluster Bucker

  • $54,900
  • Five-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 650 to 800 pounds per hour

Munch Machine’s commercial bucker is designed for outdoor cultivators producing large cannabis plants, crops being fresh-frozen for live rosin, growers who wet buck, and businesses seeking more throughput from each machine.

The Cluster Bucker is constructed using an array of patent-pending technology, including dual-drive belts, keyhole die plates, and Munch Machine’s TANC system. TANC stands for Traction Amplifying Nonslip Cassette, which lengthens the area that grips the stems to accommodate a large range of branch sizes and reduces manual handling. Operators are able to feed larger branches into the machine and spend less time meticulously trimming stems, which increases efficiency and preserves the quality of the flower. Branches can be hand torn and bucked with minimal preparation.

Munch Machine offers operators who purchase the Cluster Bucker an optional integrated conveyor to further improve production efficiency. The conveyor attaches directly to the machine and moves with the bucker as an integrated system. Because the Cluster Bucker has such a high throughput, conveyors alleviate the bottlenecks that can occur with frequent bin swaps.

The bucking machine is also equipped with features that make maintenance more convenient. The unit as a whole is washdown rated for fast power cleaning. Without using any tools, operators can remove the faceplate, protection hoods, and belt cassettes. When repair is needed, the machine can be serviced in the field using standard tools, and Munch Machine keeps all parts in stock to ensure customers can harvest without long-term delays. While the Cluster Bucker is more expensive than many other commercial buckers on the market, its five-year warranty aims to provide customers with a reliable investment.

Photo: Centurion Pro

Centurion Pro XL Megabucker

  • $169,995
  • Two-year warranty
  • Made in North America
  • 480 to 2,400 pounds per hour

The Centurion Pro XL Megabucker lives up to its name measuring over 20 feet long and built into its own trailer as a portable bucker stand. The bucker is equipped with a two-inch ball hitch, 3,500-pound twin axles, and steel belted radial tires for portability.

The XL Megabucker can accommodate up to 12 operators at the same time and uses a multi-conveyor system to efficiently move large amounts of product in a short amount of time. The machine features two fixed-speed conveyors designated for stem and flower removal and one variable-speed conveyor for unprocessed product delivery to operators. The variable speed conveyor can be configured for both speed and direction, giving operations more flexibility and control over their automated process.

Centurion Pro included a variety of features that enhance the safety of the bucker and its ease of use. All parts of the machine comply with health and safety regulations. Two emergency stop switches are positioned on opposite sides of the machine to ensure operators can take fast action while the non-slip expandable metal decking keeps operators sure-footed. To decrease downtime, the variable-speed rollers in the bucker are reversible for clearing jams and easily accessible through removable panels.

Because the XL Megabucker is a significant investment and a big commitment, Centurion Pro offers customers a trade-in program to exchange their existing model for credit toward the latest model of the machine.