Several recent studies have defined ways Generation Z—those born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s—are changing the consumer marketplace. For example, Brightfield Group found 37 percent of zoomers prefer cannabis to alcohol when relaxing or participating in social activities. According to Headset, the relative sales increase on 4/20 for the past three years was higher for Gen Z consumers than any other generation. Today, zoomers collectively represent spending power of $300 billion, but Oxford Economics predicts that amount will rise to $2 trillion as the other half of the generation ages into adulthood over the next ten years.

One aspect of the generation that makes it economically significant: The entirety of Gen Z has grown up during a time when cannabis was legal in at least some places. Cannabis is not among the taboos recognized by anyone in the cohort. They’re not afraid of the plant, and they’re not afraid to spend money on products and services related to it. Neither, by the way, are millennials, the next most impactful group for this industry. Their buying power is $2.5 trillion today, much of which they spend online, where they’re particularly fond of luxury goods.

All of this is good news for product brands and retailers. Although an unsteady economy has many consumers opting for discounted flower or buy-one-get-one deals, a growing number of sophisticated, younger consumers are looking for the crème de la crème in cannabis. Known as the “hypebeasts of weed,” these consumers spare no expense when it comes to consumption. From smell-proof stash cases and multi-thousand-dollar bongs to bespoke rolling trays and the most expensive flower on the market, they consistently keep their eyes on retailers with reputations for high-quality materials, artisanal craftsmanship, and limited-edition exclusive items.

Quite a few brands create their products specifically for this style-savvy consumer, like Freeminded’s $9,999 carrying case or Mothership Glass’s $1,900 crushed-opal pipe. Other brands primarily cater to a more mid-budget audience but incorporate some high-end pieces into their offerings, like Seth Rogen’s Houseplant or Hitoki’s tiers of smoking devices.

Either way, these types of cannabis products appeal to consumers who already have all the basics and are looking for a mindblowing investment—a piece that is less for daily consumption and more for artistic display and aesthetic representation of a lifestyle.

8 Luxury Cannabis Accessories

mg Magazine’s roundup of luxury products has done all of the research for you, highlighting some of the priciest products on the market for big-spenders who are bong-smokers, vapers, joint-rollers, or consuming on the go. If the high-budget connoisseurs hunting through your shelves are dead-set on finding the industry’s finest toys and tools, you’ll want to ensure you offer some of these products for their consideration.

1. Freeminded Diplomatic Pouch

Born on Fashion Avenue in New York City, Freeminded seeks to lead a new era of “cannabis couture” with luxury products that range from $119 for a joint- or blunt-storage tube to the $9,999 Diplomatic Pouch Alligator Cannabis Carrying Case.

Freeminded Diplomatic Pouch

Sculpted from American alligator, the Diplomatic Pouch takes an artisan an entire week to create and features a 24-karat gold-leaf funnel, magnetic wallet and joint-tube holder, a variety of storage compartments, a tray with heat- and chemical-corrosion-resistant carnelian lining, lined pockets for credit cards or cash, and a complimentary pack of Freeminded rolling papers.

Wholesale: [email protected]

2. Snugbox Luxe Lockbox

Founded by a Brooklyn mother looking for safe storage for her edibles and sex toys, Snugbox offers elegantly designed lockboxes for the ultimate in discretion.

Snugbox Luxe Lockbox

The product, available in six different brightly colored designs, introduces luxury stash-storing to the quiet consumer with a decent amount of paraphernalia they want to keep in a safe place. Wrapped in luxe performance velvet and secured with two combination locks, Snugboxes come with a removable storage tray and a charging port for safety, portability, and class.

Wholesale: [email protected]

3. Apothecarry Spencer Stash Case

The limited-edition Spencer Stash Case by Apothecarry incorporates style into the mundanity of daily routine. Designed with four eighth-sized jars featuring humidity-control lids and customizable rewritable labels, the $315 case is for the consumer who admires organized product safety.

Apothecarry Spencer Stash Case

The Spencer also includes four dab containers with silicone non-stick coating for dabs and oils, a middle-split travel cigar container, a removable rolling tray, and a zinc alloy grinder.

Wholesale: [email protected]

4. Mothership Glass Crushed Opal Solid Pipe

Known for mesmerizing designs on high-quality glass pieces that define the intersection of artistry and function, Mothership Glass makes smoking devices that speak to curators of fine products—those who collect not only top-shelf flower but also top-shelf accessories.

Mothership Glass Crushed Opal Solid Pipe

The Crushed Opal Solid Pipe, which retails for $1,900, is a prime example of the glass-artist collective’s potential. The one-of-a-kind piece is durable and pocket-sized, a unique creation that’s as much fine art as it is an effective consumption device.


5. Houseplant All-in-One Rolling Tray

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant features sculpture-like pieces that exude Los Angeles chic. For a creative consumer who likes to adorn their home with everyday items that are beautifully designed and artistically inspirational, Houseplant has ashtrays, lighters, and lifestyle items that lend a colorful hand in setting the vibe.

Houseplant All-in-One Rolling Tray 0

The $550 all-in-one rolling tray with grinder, ashtray, and paper dispenser is a particularly stunning design, made from hand-poured concrete and available in four different color combinations.

Wholesale: [email protected]

6. Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Storz & Bickel is an innovation leader in the vaporization market, and the Volcano Hybrid is a prime example of the German brand’s workmanship. With the Volcano Hybrid, S&B has reinvented its iconic Volcano, endowing the tabletop dry-herb vaporizer with new features like app control, tube or valve balloon inhalation, and a faster heating process of one to two minutes.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

With this product, S&B engineers bring first-class design to the vapor world, speaking to consumers who view high-quality consumption accessories as priceless wellness investment opportunities.

Wholesale: [email protected] 

7. Hitoki x Cookie Makes Bongs Spaceship Glass Art

Hitoki is known for sophisticated smoking devices like the Laser and Saber, which combine classic ritual and modern technology for smooth and easy-to-navigate experiences. The brand also is known for collaborating on mind-blowing limited-edition pieces like the Cookie Makes Bongs Laser Saber Spaceship Glass Art Piece.

Hitoki x Cookie Makes Bongs Spaceship Glass Art

Compatible with the Saber, the $2,000 attachment brings colorful, creative, and otherworldly art to Hitoki’s minimalist designs, which is great for anyone who likes to mix function with fantasy.


8. Stündenglass Pink Gravity Bong

Stündenglass is renowned for its glass gravity infusers, and the latest addition to the brand’s product line is elegant, potent, and perfectly pink. The device features 360-degree rotation that generates kinetic motion activation via cascading water displacement, opposing-airflow tech, and gravity.

Stündenglass Pink Gravity Bong

The infuser comes with an aluminum bowl kit and glass liner, but it’s also compatible with any smoking or vaporization device that has a fourteen-millimeter male joint. The bong easy to store and transport and incredibly durable—well worth the $599.95 for consumers on the hunt for a smooth, deliciously vaporous hit.

Wholesale: [email protected]