Our editorial team places a singular focus on the people, plants and products that fuel the unprecedented growth of the cannabis industry, as well as a shared interest in its continued use for both medical and recreational purposes. Given the dynamic pace of this ever-evolving industry with market forces and business environments changing daily, we place a heavy focus on helping industry leaders remain in the forefront of change by providing in-depth coverage of the topics most relevant to their professional lives.

It is our strategic goal to empower the cannabis professional to become more successful by delivering timely and high-value industry-critical features, news, information and data services across a myriad of platforms.

mg is without a doubt an indispensable resource for the cannabis industry

Each issue delivers insight and analysis related to the progression of the cannabis industry and ecosystem. We communicate this information through multi-sourced articles, features and news stories on the important issues and key trends that most influence industry decision makers.

Published monthly, mg is written by–and for–professionals whose livelihood depends on the success and growth of our industry.

mg is the nucleus of an entire galaxy of information. We bring together industry experts from all sectors to contribute their knowledge and know-how to help us achieve our goals as a community.

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