Our readership profile is developed in-house and carefully maintained to include a variety of market sectors, such as:

  • Growing & Horticulture
  • Hard Goods & Products
  • Cannabinoid Based Products
  • Professional Services
  • Distributors & Buyers
  • Dispensary, Wellness Centers & Retail Centers

mg is delivered monthly directly to the decision makers that matter most for your business. These are the CEOs, presidents, CFOs, HR specialists, sales and marketing leads, politicians, attorneys, executive directors, and more. They are the key industry individuals that run the industry, which is why they read mg.

mg is unique  in that we maintain a totally controlled, business-to-business audited circulation. mg is a monthly publication that is carefully distributed to a targeted audience in the United States and Canada, with typical business subscriptions, non-profit and membership organizations.

mg has quickly become an essential business tool that unites executives with potential clients, industry peers, and venture capitalists looking for the next cannabis breakthrough.

Readership Overview by Sector (%)

mg is the only monthly industry trade magazine that reaches the complete cannabis ecosystem.
The foundation of our business is data, and we are committed to allocating the resources required to properly mine data and perform a useful analysis.

Through this innovative data collection and management platform,
we target the readers that matter most for your business.