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Cy Scott is co-founder and chief executive officer at Headset, Inc., turning retail data into real-time cannabis market insights. He provides industry analysis and insights about innovative brands through his weekly blog, Cannabis Packaged Goods. Prior to founding Headset, he co-founded Leafly and helped grow the site into the world’s leading cannabis information resource. Along with his work at Headset, Scott founded a monthly Cannabis Tech Meetup hosting cannabis entrepreneurs and technology developers that has expanded into multiple regions throughout the U.S. Scott’s favorite strain is Tangie.
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Assessing Maryland’s Adult-Use Retail Market by the Numbers

Dull moments don’t exist in Maryland. Residents of the Old Bay State find excitement through innovation in music, business, technology, sports, politics, and beyond....
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Edibles Consumers Desire High-Potency Product Packaging

Edibles are an invaluable segment of the cannabis industry. From classic THC-infused brownies to flavorful fruit-filled gems, edibles have captivated the imagination of medical...
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Examining the Growth of Infused Beverages in North America

After the extraordinary winter most of North America suffered through this year, the balmy weather of last May and June may feel like a...
Red and green lights dispensary retail data for December 2022

Examining Holiday Cannabis Sales in the U.S. And Canada

As the temperature chilled and lights went up in yards and streets across the U.S. and Canada, cannabis sales held still or improved in...
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Beyond Brownies: the Diversification and Popularity of Edibles

It may be clichéd to say time flies when you’re having fun, but it is an apt statement when you’re working in an industry...
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Identifying Key Tools to Survive an Economic Downturn

It is safe to say the challenges presented throughout 2020 were unlike anything the modern world had faced. Social unrest, a global pandemic, and...
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What You Can Learn from the Success of These 5 Cannabis Brands

It is no secret that many mature U.S. cannabis markets are experiencing stagnant or declining year-over-year sales. For example, the median store in Washington...
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Understanding Sales Trends of the Past Three Years

Throughout pop culture, a number of figures have referenced an infamous quote regarding the “three sides of the truth.” There is one party’s recollection...
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There’s Nothing Quite like the Bay State

Merriam-Webster defines the word, unique, as being without a like or equal. Meanwhile, Google describes the term as " remarkable, special, or unusual.” Regardless...
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California Cannabis: Analyzing Shifting Consumer Trends In The Golden State

Each year, the cannabis industry attracts new entrepreneurs and businesses because of its immense potential for growth. By 2025, the total annual United States...