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Dana Leigh Cisneros, Esq. has been practicing law for more than a decade as a business and real estate lawyer in Orange County, California, representing a wide variety of individuals and companies. Mrs. Cisneros is an experienced and aggressive attorney, focusing her efforts on Real Estate, Contract, Commercial, Business and Corporate Law. Mrs. Cisneros prides herself on a strong commitment to maintaining the highest level of professional responsibility and ethical standards. She is excited to provide legal services and a sense of structure and legitimacy to the cannabis industry. Mrs. Cisneros moved into the expanding area of cannabis law from with an eye toward compliance and legality from the outset to further her clients’ interests and avoid complicated legal issues in this complex industry. Her knowledge and experience in structuring business entities, conducting due diligence and handling complicated transactions ensure that the cannabis industry maintains integrity as it continues to grow and expand. As a result, she has been invited to speak at more than ten speaking engagements in 2018 on various issues confronting the cannabis industry.
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LOIs, MOUs, and the Statute of Frauds

In any business relationship, lack of written documentation is a very dangerous thing. Take, for example, the almighty letter of intent (LOI) and its...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Can Bring Unexpected Rewards

Thanksgiving — time for gratitude and reflection. Let us start with appreciation for the fact that there are now 36 states in the United...
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California’s New Regs Say ‘Goodbye’ to Brokers, Branding

On Friday, California’s three cannabis licensing agencies released revisions to the proposed permanent regulations. Some of the changes were minor, while others took the...

Legal Perspective: Corporate Due Diligence Counts

The cannabis industry has grown accustomed to backroom deals, evading documentation, and handshake-clad commitments. With the onset of state-specific legalization and an eye toward...