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High Spirits: Branding Cannabis Beverages the Right Way

Dry January, sober-curious, mindful drinking… The list of contemporary slang for reducing alcoholic beverage consumption grows lengthy, indicating just how devoted people are to...
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4 Ways To Beat a Saturated Market

Anyone with a cannabis brand is well aware of how crowded the market has become. Despite continued growth, there are too many brands doing...
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How to Generate Hundreds of Qualified Leads 

In today’s digital age, online advertising and search-engine marketing are essential tools of the marketing mix. From organic efforts such as content search engine...
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How to Avoid and Work Around Banned Social Media Accounts

As one of the most powerful social media platforms, Instagram is a major opportunity for cannabis businesses to find and interact with their target...
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Instagram vs. Cannabis: Is It Still a War Worth Fighting?

It’s no secret that Instagram has waged war on the cannabis industry. From banned hashtags and safety controls to completely shutting down accounts, the...
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4 Ways Brands Can Dominate Social Media in 2022

Social media is a pillar of the marketing mix for businesses wishing to cultivate customer relationships. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and now...