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Dino H. Carter

Dino H. Carter is owner and chief strategist at D Branding, a brand consultancy helping clients develop unique strategies to grow market share, deepen brand awareness, and sustain growth. He possesses more than twenty years’ experience in marketing with companies including Levi’s and MTV Europe.

The Single Key to Marketing Success in the Cannabis Industry

What a year 2020 was, eh? With all the things that happened this year—from COVID-19 to social justice, institutional racism, police brutality, elections, recession,...

5 Tips for Successful Social Media Campaigns

In a recent virtual workshop for young cannabis entrepreneurs, I said, “You don’t sell a product. You sell a promise; a feeling.” A few...

Maintaining Momentum: Now Is the Time to Increase Marketing Efforts

In times of uncertainty, our brains encourage us to do what others do. Our brains don’t care what others actually are doing. They could...

Strengthen Your Brand by Exploring Who, What, and Why

The most notable thing at MJBizCon in December 2019 was the negativity so many visitors and exhibitors expressed about the “Green Rush.” Ever since...

Marketing to Post-Millennials: Tips for a Disruptive Industry and Time

As technology evolves, it effects change in society and has an impact on the way we look at things. According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, not only...

Embrace Social Media to Tell Your Brand’s Story

In a 2015 global research work, marketing professor Neil Granitz of California State University Fullerton wrote about the ways in which people interpret their...

Growers Need Brand Identities, Too

Decreased demand, coupled with overproduction, is driving down flower’s price, especially in markets where recreational use is legal. According to New Frontier Data, wholesale...