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Gregory Frye is a strategic communicator with over two decades of experience as an international storyteller, award-winning journalist, writer, editor, marketer, consultant, and advisor.
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Cash Burn or Trust Earn: The Cannabis Investor’s Dilemma

This year has been ensnared in a financial bear hug nobody ordered, and the cash tides won’t turn unless we smash some barriers. Sure, you...
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Defying Digital: The Resilience of Print Advertising in the Modern Age

The average person spends more than six hours online each day. Who has time to read magazines? It turns out a lot of people still...
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Marketing Comms: Overlooked Opportunities and Low-Hanging Fruit

For many operators in the industry struggling to survive, marketing has become all but an afterthought. It’s easy to play the blame game here: illicit...
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Negligent Storytelling: The Heart of Cannabis Marketing Failures

Despite its many challenges, cannabis is supposed to be one of the most exciting industries in the modern age. And make no mistake, safe access...