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Jared Mirsky and his award-winning cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency, Wick & Mortar, have helped shape the cannabis industry since 2009. Rebranding cannabis is his mission, and he aims to accomplish the goal by helping to educate the industry about the power of successful branding and the impact it has on the world.
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Let’s Make 2022 the Year of Marketing Collaboration

If there is one thing the past two years have taught us, it’s that we all need to work together. Contrary to Darwinian “survival...

How Cannabis Brands Can Be Like Apple: Learn to Succeed Using Brand Equity

The world of cannabis is growing up. Consumers are savvy and sophisticated, and they want more than just being able to buy products they like. Today’s...
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Relationship Building: How to Court Your Customers

For business owners and customers alike, branding is like dating: Sometimes we think with the wrong part of our anatomy. To make a brand...