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Jason Vegotsky is chief executive officer at Petalfast, a first-of-its-kind full spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry. Petalfast helps brands achieve rapid growth via its go-to-market accelerator, currently available in California only, and through its full spectrum of agency services available to brands nationally. Vegotsky is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in the cannabis, food, and beverage industries. Prior to Petalfast, Vegotsky was chief revenue officer for KushCo Holdings where he was responsible for expanding the company’s physical presence nationwide in every major cannabis market. Before KushCo, he founded Summit Innovations Inc., and was the driver of the company’s business development.

The Problem at the Heart of the U.S. Cannabis Market—and How to Solve It

If there is a single defining challenge at the heart of the U.S. cannabis industry, it's route-to-market strategy. No one has quite figured out...

As Counterfeits Increase, the Industry Scrambles to Knock Off the Knockoffs

It’s bold, brazen, and illegal. Cannabis counterfeiting is popping up at industry trade shows. Understandably, brands are livid, so they, and some states, are fighting back. To combat...

Pay Attention to Millennials: They’re Going to Be Your Biggest Customers

The world is in the thick of the millennial moment. This year, the cohort of Americans who were born between 1981 and 1996, otherwise...
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Myth Busting: Cannabis Dispensaries Don’t Lead to Ruin

It’s a story that’s playing out around the country. A landlord in Columbus, Ohio, refused to lease space to an upscale cannabis dispensary even...
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Big Alcohol Quaking Over Cannabis Sales

The office cocktail trolleys of the “Mad Men” era are making way for cannabis happy hours in some states where the plant is legal....
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Cannabis Goes Silver

Last summer, as part of an effort to help seniors learn more about cannabis, Canopy Growth Corp. loaded a bus at a nursing home...
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Terpenes: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Cannabis

“Terpenes” is a term thrown around a lot in cannabis circles, although not everyone knows what they are. But if you’ve taken a walk...