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Jorge Olson is cofounder and chief marketing officer at two publicly traded companies, Hempacco and Green Globe International. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, without running water or electricity, he now is the author of business and inspirational books, as well as an authority on consumer packaged goods, beverages, and wholesale distribution. His partners include entrepreneur Sandro Piancone, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, James Linsey, and Rick Ross. HempaccoInc.com, GGIIGroup.com
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Dispelling Common Misunderstandings about Hemp

You may have heard a thing or two about hemp in the news recently, but what is this “miracle plant” and why isn’t it...
Aerial view of an outdoor hemp grow in Southern Oregon

Is Hemp is a Threat to the Tobacco Industry?

For decades, the tobacco industry has been a worldwide behemoth, racking up billions of dollars in revenue and boasting marketing with a far-reaching impact...
Group of businessman with lightbulbs instead of head.Elite business team .Out of the box concept.

Why We Need a Cannabinoid Expert at the FDA

CBD and other cannabinoids have taken the market by storm. Nevertheless, many consumers do not understand these products’ role in the complicated fight for...