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Kathee Brewer is the director of content for Incunabulum LLC.

You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover … or Can You?

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I can vouch for that. I’ve read some truly terrible books encased in gorgeous jackets. Sadly, I’m...
Schrodingers-cat-in a box designed by AI

Just Open the Box Already

The cannabis industry is like Schrödinger’s cat: both legal and illegal, with its fate linked to an event that may or may not happen...
Emjay cannabis delivery

Cannabis Retailer Emjay Offers Weed Deliveries from Santa Claus

LOS ANGELES and SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Emjay, a cannabis delivery and retail company, announced today that, between December 19 and December 24, all of...
Decarbitation logo

The Decarbitation System

The Decarbitation System implements cavitation based ShockWave Power Technology for decarboxylation, remediation, emulsification and beyond. Our chemistry platform relies on the phenomenon of cavitation,...
Invasion of the market-snatchers by Tommy Ol mg Magazine

Invasion of the Market-Snatchers

Anyone who is not aware by now that big Canadian players intend to dominate the American cannabis market hasn’t been paying attention. Although, since American...

Want Media Coverage in 2021? Here’s How to Get It.

Writers and editors are curious by nature. We’re always looking for the next great story, and when we find it, we share. Here are a...
High Times acquires Spannabis mg magazine

High Times Acquires Spannabis for $7+ Million

LOS ANGELES – Hightimes Holding Corp., parent company of High Times magazine, has acquired Feria Del Cáñamo S.L., doing business as the trade and...
CBD hemp legalization mg magazine

The Farm Bill Legalized Hemp. Don’t Celebrate Just Yet.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – By legalizing industrial hemp as part of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 on Thursday, Congress and the president gave the...
Ricardo Baca TEDx mg magazine Oct 2018

Ricardo Baca: Cannabis Is an ‘Exit Drug’ for Opioid Crisis

mg columnist Ricardo Baca recently urged a TEDx audience to hit the reset button on attitudes about cannabis. Punctuating his remarks with humor, Baca delivered...
Canada US Cannabis Distribution Deal mg magazine May 2018 2

Largest U.S. Liquor Distributor to Rep Cannabis Nationwide in Canada

TORONTO – A division of the largest wine and spirits distributor in the U.S. has secured exclusive distribution rights for a large Canadian manufacturer’s...