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Kathee Brewer is the editorial director for Inc Media LLC, parent company of mg Magazine.
change and evolution DALL-E mg magazine

The Only Constant Is Change

“Change, like sunshine, can be friend or foe, blessing or curse, dawn or dusk.” —William Arthur Ward Change is the only constant. Why, then, after...
DALLe mg magazine

Your Packaging Doesn’t Have to Speak in Riddles

“A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Sir Winston Churchill’s immortal words often arise in my mind when I’m trying to untangle a...
sales vs marketing DALL-E mg magazine

Sales and Marketing Are Not Really the Same Thing

Although often linked in job titles, company divisions, and corporate reports, sales and marketing are related, but not identical, concepts. Ultimately, the two have...
Scientist laboratory in steampunk look style with high details and beautiful vintage tone color palette,

Radical Science

History contains ample evidence of brilliant but disturbed individuals who worked hard to earn the label “mad scientist.” Deranged sadists like the notorious Nazi...
Leader think about business, creativity, business vision and headhunter concept. Businessman without head just with brain, bokeh in background.

The Peril and Promise of AI

Pandora didn’t intend to wreak havoc. Curiosity got the better of Epimetheus’s wife. She simply wanted to peek at whatever was inside a mysterious container...

You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover … or Can You?

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I can vouch for that. I’ve read some truly terrible books encased in gorgeous jackets. Sadly, I’m...
280E origins SWEviL 1062392618

The Peculiar Origin of Internal Revenue Code Section 280E

“State-legal cannabis businesses are denied equal treatment under 280E.” So said United States Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) in mid-April as he introduced the bipartisan...
Schrodingers-cat-in a box designed by AI

Just Open the Box Already

The cannabis industry is like Schrödinger’s cat: both legal and illegal, with its fate linked to an event that may or may not happen...
Invasion of the market-snatchers by Tommy Ol mg Magazine

Invasion of the Market-Snatchers

Anyone who is not aware by now that big Canadian players intend to dominate the American cannabis market hasn’t been paying attention. Although, since American...

Want Media Coverage in 2021? Here’s How to Get It.

Writers and editors are curious by nature. We’re always looking for the next great story, and when we find it, we share. Here are a...