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Randall Huft is president and creative director at Innovation Agency, an advertising, branding, and public relations firm specializing in the cannabis industry. While working with blue-chip companies including AT&T, United Airlines, IBM, Walgreens, American Express, Toyota, and Disney, he discovered what works, what doesn’t, and how to gain market share.
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The Cannabis Industry Is in a Consolidation Phase

I’ve had the good fortune of speaking at several cannabis conferences, usually pontificating on the subjects of branding and marketing. I often began with...
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Opinion: Cannabis Environmental Impact Needs Improvement

California is home to the largest cannabis market in the United States, yet the growing side of the industry remains non-compliant. The problem is...

Lessons in Marketing and Fishing

I have worked in the advertising and marketing industry for longer than most. I’ve seen the rise of the internet, the demise of network...

The Correlation Between Brand Loyalty and Nostalgia Marketing

As I write this, I am eating a bowl of Campbell’s Bean with Bacon Soup. Honestly. If I had a way to show this...

Capturing Mindshare with Effective Advertising

Humans have a tendency to believe things used to be better, although when those things were better depends on who you ask and the...

Donald Trump’s Legacy of Lying Will Have Lasting Effects

The election is finally over, although the results remained long disputed due to Donald Trump’s insistence he won—despite all evidence to the contrary. And,...

Randall Huft Ponders the Nature of Belief

I was born a Jew, but I didn’t stay that way for very long. My mother was a Lutheran with strict German parents. My...

How Ronald Reagan and Lunchtime Martinis Ruined the American Dream

As fires rage across the western states, as the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, as the president admits he knew the virus...

From the Hollywood Hills to New York’s Fashion Runways

Before I moved away from the Midwest, I came out to California on an exploratory tour and visited an old family friend who lived...

Randall Huft Asks, ‘Where Have All the Protest Songs Gone?’

I grew up in a time of social unrest and political protest. My parents were antiwar activists and involved in the civil rights movement,...