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The Vapor Room Serves Scandinavian Cool in the Bay Area

When Martin Olive, executive director at the Vapor Room, set out to design his dispensary’s newest location, he wanted the 900 square foot space...

Finding Financing: Suite 420 Solutions Offers Funding, Answers, and Advice

Of all the patterns that have developed in the cannabis industry over the past few years, perhaps none have proved more intriguing than funding....

New Harborside Dispensary Adds a Modern Touch to World War II Era Design

The new Harborside in San Leandro, California, is the fourth iteration of the pioneering dispensary. Like its siblings in Oakland, San Jose, and Desert...

March and Ash: Uptown in the Country

It’s not every day one finds a tractor smack-dab in the middle of a dispensary’s salesfloor. Yet, that’s exactly what makes a life-sized statement...

A Natural Success: Oregrown’s Renovated Interior Brings the Outdoors In

Chrissy Hadar, co-founder, president of retail, and chief branding officer for Oregrown, had a simple vision for her Portland cannabis shop: She wanted it...

Value Brands Capture a Growing Market Segment

Legalization in any state invariably begins with a rush of brands launching products they believe will appeal to the coveted upscale shopper. But as...

The Botanist: A Dispensary Chain at the Intersection of Science and Nature

The Botanist is not what one imagines when hearing the term “dispensary.” The chain’s retail locations are bright, airy spaces awash in natural colors...

Inside Toronto’s First Legal Retail Location: The Hunny Pot

To say time was of the essence in building out The Hunny Pot’s inspired design would be an understatement. The shop’s owners had only...

Retail Kiosks Are Essentially Robots. What Does That Mean for Cannabis?

First Law: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Second Law: A robot...

Humboldt Seed Company’s Grand Design

Deep in the damp, misty forests of eastern Humboldt County, California, a farm that once was the best-kept secret in the state is a...