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KANHA Harmony CBG Gummies

KANHA Harmony CBG Gummies

KANHA, an award-winning maker of rapid-onset edibles, recently introduced two-to-one CBG:THC gummies. The tantalizing blueberry açaí treats harness the therapeutic potential of CBG, aka...

Oui’d Confections

Aiming to raise the bar in the edibles category, Oui’d is owned and operated by chefs. The company’s sophisticated confections are works of art targeting up-market...
Hello Again

Hello Again Hangover Suppositories

An innovative product meant to help consumers get through the day after they’ve partied a little too hearty, Hello Again’s suppositories contain a blend of...

Modist Infused Seltzers

Minneapolis-based craft brewery Modist broke into the cannabis-infused beverages space in 2022 with Tint and Melt seltzers. Available in several tantalizing flavors like Mango Passionfruit, Ginger Lemon Lime,...

SASS BonBons

An elegant take on a classic dessert, small-batch bonboans from SASS are imaginative in their aesthetics and flavor profiles. The handpainted confections with a one-to-one blend...

Wyld Good Tide Gummies

Wyld’s line of solventless edibles, dubbed Good Tide, offers a true-to-the-plant high thanks to the full-spectrum hash rosin inside. The tropical, real-fruit gummies feature...

TSUMo Snazzle-Os

Hip-hop mogul and cannabis aficionado Snoop Dogg’s latest foray into the space was met with considerable hype. Snazzle-Os are a surprisingly light and tasty onion-flavored snack,...

Wana Brands Stay Asleep Gummies

Wana’s new melatonin-free morsels contain a robust blend of THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN, along with more than thirty terpenes to promote rapid-eye-movement (REM)...

Shakti Greenlit Energy Shot

Shakti Greenlit was designed for folks who need a quick pick-me-up without the caffeine hangover traditional products can produce. A Black-owned brand, Shakti means “energy,...
Jushi Tasteology Edibles

Jushi Tasteology Edibles

Formulated by Top Chef: Just Desserts finalist Matthew Petersen (who also serves as Jushi’s director of manufacturing), Tasteology edibles use premium ingredients and high-quality extracts. The...