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CEO Gary Allen for mg magazine

Beyond the Cannabis Data: Q&A with New Frontier Data’s Gary Allen

It’s 2023, and some form of cannabis use is legal in the vast majority of states. Market analysts still predict big growth for the...

Designing the Future of Retail

We’ve all heard the adage “time is money,” but successful retailers understand space also is money. Cannabis operators need to leverage their space more...
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Growing Like a High-Tech Weed

Until recently, “the future of cannabis” meant the end of draconian drug laws, increased patient access, and federal legalization of a safer recreational alternative...
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How to Acquire New Customers and Keep the Ones You Have

The time, energy, and money spent to acquire customers come at a premium cost. So why let them slip through your fingers? While producing...
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Post-420 Retail Analysis: Dispensary Successes and Lessons

April 20, or 420, is a yearly event celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts. For members of the cannabis industry, 420 is a day where businesses...
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How to Find and Utilize Investment in the Cannabis Industry

In an industry where many traditional sources of business capital are off-limits, funding your dreams often requires a bit of help. The world of...
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Cannabis Tax Revenue Is Surpassing Alcohol in Arizona and Other States

PHOENIX — Cannabis could be emerging as a significant source of tax revenue for Arizona. According to recently released data from the Arizona Joint...
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The Adult-Use Cannabis Market Is Opening for Business in New Jersey

Recreational cannabis sales for adults 21 and over have been approved by New Jersey officials. Initially, a handful of sites already operating as medicinal dispensaries...

D.C. Council Vote to Shut Down Cannabis Gifting Services Falls Short

A bill targeting shops “gifting” cannabis to consumers failed to receive enough votes in the Washington, D.C. Council this week. If approved, severe penalties would...

SEC’s New SPAC Rules Could Shake up Mergers and IPOs

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) introduced a series of new rules for SPACs this week. The new rules would represent the largest effort...