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Breaking Up: How to Respond When an Employee Quits

The multi-billion-dollar domestic cannabis industry is relatively small with fewer than a half-million people employed. With a limited talent pool and a steep learning...

Rapid Change and Psychedelics Took Center Stage at Lift&Co. Expo 2022

LIFT&Co. landed at its usual spot for 2022 in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, surrounded by the opulence of skyscrapers, high-end restaurants, and major...
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Taking the Shortcut with White Label Cannabis Manufacturing

Although cannabis can be a very profitable industry, the barriers to entry for a new business can be daunting. For existing companies, expanding into...
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What Is Cannabis Culture in 2022?

Long before cannabis legalization began to take hold in the United States, a primordial soup of marijuana stereotypes and medical advocates were the primary...

3 Industry Brands That Treat Each Day like Earth Day

There is no single issue on this planet that affects humanity as a whole more than the environment. Climate change due to our carbon...

Master of Your Domain: How To Choose Your Head of Cultivation

For a cannabis cultivator to be successful, it takes a lot more than deep pockets, state-of-the-art equipment, and good intentions. At the heart of...

How Retailers & Brands Should Prepare for 420

Halloween has candy, Valentine’s Day has flowers, and Christmas has, well … everything. For cannabis, April 20 (or 420) is the official holiday for...