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Jon Hiltz has been a journalist in the cannabis industry since 2016 when he became the international correspondent for the Weedmaps-owned Marijuana.com. In 2018, he published a book about the ongoing legalization of cannabis in North America and around the world. For over four years, Jon was the Director of Business Development for a leading cannabis manufacturer in Canada, and he is now a consultant and broker in the industry.
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If You’re Not Selling to Budtenders, You’re Doing It Wrong

Targeting the right people along the supply chain, as opposed to focusing on the end user, is an essential part of gaining market share...
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Drying and Curing Don’t Get the Attention They Deserve

When people talk about improving the quality of flower, the discussion is dominated by everything that happens before the harvest. Lighting, soil types, nutrients,...
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How to Build a Successful Collaboration

When global advertising trade publication Adweek discusses your campaign in a positive light, you know you’ve hit your mark. When the magazine hosts a...
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6 Key Considerations When Optimizing New and Existing Grows

The ability to optimize cultivation for cost, quality, and yield in a new market increases a brand’s opportunity to launch with attractive and sustainable...
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FDA Regulation Could Add $4.5 Billion to the CBD Market by 2027

Researchers at the Brightfield Group, a prominent cannabis-focused data and consumer insight firm, have released the 2022 mid-year CBD report. As part of a...
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Costa Rican President Announces Recreational Cannabis Legislation

Rodrigo Chaves, the recently elected President of Costa Rica, marked his first 100 days in office this week by announcing an initiative to legalize...
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What We Can Learn from the 7% Decline in Consumer Spending

Cannabis analytics firm New Frontier Data recently made a sobering discovery as it relates to current economic conditions across the United States. According to...
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How Fermented Cannabinoids May Disrupt and Support the Industry

One of the most spectacular aspects of a legal cannabis industry is the research and development that’s permitted to take place. In legal markets,...
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Breaking Up: How to Respond When an Employee Quits

The multi-billion-dollar domestic cannabis industry is relatively small with fewer than a half-million people employed. With a limited talent pool and a steep learning...

Rapid Change and Psychedelics Took Center Stage at Lift&Co. Expo 2022

LIFT&Co. landed at its usual spot for 2022 in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, surrounded by the opulence of skyscrapers, high-end restaurants, and major...