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Kurt Kinneman is a cannabis cultivator and owner of Kinnektion Farms. He is also a horticultural engineer at AI Grow, a provider of automation solutions for controlled environment agriculture. In addition to cannabis, Kurt grows pumpkins on his family farm.
Predator Pests Beneficial Insects DALL-E mg magazine 2024

Balancing Chemical and Biological Pest Control

Any gardener can tell you ladybugs are nice beneficial pests. While having a healthy coccinellidae population is hardly a bad thing, it’s far from...
different types of mealy bugs displayed neatly on black background

How to Eradicate Mealybug Infestations with Impunity

The fight against fungi and pests is a war with no end in sight. Whether it's aphids, spider mites, fungus, gnats, or mealybugs, there’s...
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8 Products to Optimize Your Grow

Grow lights are the cornerstone of any indoor or light-assisted greenhouse cultivation facility. After all, light is the driving force behind photosynthesis, which creates...
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Pros and Cons of Different Growing Mediums for Cannabis

Cultivators have no shortage of options when deciding where to bury their seeds, but each one comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. The growing...
Cannabis grow lights for optimization at different growth stages red light blue light

Dialing in Your Grow Lights

Grow lights can never truly replace the sun, but they can get pretty close. For many cannabis cultivators, a properly optimized lighting solution is...
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7 Cultivation Sensor Companies to Help Improve the Garden

Data collection and monitoring of the environment, water conditions, and media are essential for commercial growers trying to push their plants to their full...
light in the visible spectrum needed to grow cannabis

Measuring Light in the Garden

Nearly all life on Earth requires light to survive, and cannabis is no exception. While cultivators can certainly grow a plant with any common...