18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards Show Photo Gallery

Photo: Emerald Cup

Presented live at the iconic Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in partnership with Boveda and PurePressure by Agrify, the “Academy Awards of Cannabis” lived up to all the hype, delivering a star-studded red carpet event with over 180 Emerald Cup Awards being handed out to California’s most talented cultivators and craftspeople.

2022 Emerald Cup Award Winners

1stSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon – Lemon Sponge Cake
2ndSungrown FlowerRebel Grown – Double OG Chem
3rdSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon x Cookies Fam Genetics – Georgia Pie
4thSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon – Double OG Chem
5thSungrown FlowerFull Moon Farms – Black Water OG
6thSungrown FlowerCanna Country Farms – #26
7thSungrown FlowerRebel Grown – Natty Bumpoo
8thSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon – 92 OG
9thSungrown FlowerHuckleberry Hill Farms – Mom’s Weed
10thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Lime Juice
11thSungrown FlowerFarmer and the Felon x Cookies Fam Genetics – Sticky Buns
12thSungrown FlowerGreenshock Farms – Tropical Sleigh Ride #1
13thSungrown FlowerSo Hum Royal – Lucy Lavender
14thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Honey Dew
15thSungrown FlowerEsensia – Pixie Dust
16thSungrown FlowerPerrin Family Farm – Bazooka Scout
17thSungrown FlowerSun Roots Farm – Velvet Papaya
18thSungrown FlowerClover Valley Ranch – Mendo Crumble – Sun Grown Native Soil Flower
19thSungrown FlowerFull Moon Farms – Wildberry Pie
20thSungrown FlowerNorth Fork Garden Society – GMO Cookie Sungrown Organic Flower
 Sungrown – BREEDER’S CUPRebel Grown – Double OG Chem
1stMixed Light FlowerLitHouse – Modified Grapes
2ndMixed Light FlowerLitHouse – Jealousy
3rdMixed Light FlowerLitHouse – Lemon Lava
4thMixed Light FlowerSafier Family Farms x Peak Humboldt x Mattole Uplift Cooperative – Angel Food Cake
5thMixed Light FlowerHealing Herb Farms – Lemon Head OG x Zkittlez
6thMixed Light FlowerMonterey Kush Co – Matchalato
7thMixed Light FlowerLitHouse – Paragon
8thMixed Light FlowerBono-Ape – Ice Cream Cake
9thMixed Light FlowerMonterey Kush Co – Citra-Lato
10thMixed Light FlowerBooney Acres – Strawberry Jelly Flower
 Mixed Light – BREEDER’S CUPHealing Herb Farms – Lemon Head OG x Zkittlez
1stIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Animal Face
2ndIndoor FlowerPanacea – Pablo’s Revenge
3rdIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Blue Face
4thIndoor FlowerNUG – Chocolatina
5thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – Holy Moly!
6thIndoor FlowerSovereign – Lemon Vuitton
7thIndoor FlowerSTIIIZY – Blue Burst
8thIndoor FlowerCure Company – Marathon OG
9thIndoor FlowerSource Cannabis – Quest
10thIndoor FlowerAtrium Cultivation – Juice Z
11thIndoor FlowerFig Farms – 6ixth Sense
12thIndoor FlowerLolo – #FREEBRITNEY
13thIndoor FlowerUMMA Sonoma x Compound Genetics – Jokerz 31
14thIndoor FlowerThe Association – Basquiat
15thIndoor FlowerLitHouse – Runtz
16thIndoor FlowerAtrium Cultivation – 92 OG
17thIndoor Flower1Lyfe – Super Lemon Haze
18thIndoor FlowerMaven Genetics – Black Diamond X
19thIndoor FlowerKush Alley Inc – Kush Alley Pez Sour Premium Indoor Flower
20thIndoor FlowerRoyalbudline – Rainbow Beltz
 Indoor Flower BREEDER’S CUPFig Farms – Holy Moly!
1stSungrown Greenhouse FlowerLocal Cannabis Co – Sherbhead
2ndSungrown Greenhouse FlowerGlass House Farms – Glass House Farms Waiting Game
3rdSungrown Greenhouse FlowerLocal Cannabis Co – Ice Cream Cake
4thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerLocal Cannabis Co – Orange 43
5thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerHarborside Farms – The Mac
6thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerHarborside Farms x Bloom Farms – SFV OG
7thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerHumboldt Redwood Healing x The Humboldt Brand – Sour G
8thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerCountry Club Cannabis – EBV Rainbow Frootz
9thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerRidgeline Farms – Ridgeline Runtz
10thSungrown Greenhouse FlowerHarborside Farms – Motorhead
1stPersonal Use FlowerParker PZ Moselle – Ohrangatang Titties
2ndPersonal Use FlowerColin Teurfs x Dan Oomerantz- Double OG Chem 4
3rdPersonal Use FlowerMatt Jones – Cheese
4thPersonal Use FlowerBrandy Schneider – AM Lime
5thPersonal Use FlowerMary Polson – Pink Champagne
1st3rd Party Certified Sungrown FlowerEmerald Spirit Botanicals – Farm Cut – Pink Boost Goddess
1st3rd Party Certified Mixed Light FlowerOld Briceland Cannabis Company – Epiphany
2nd3rd Party Certified Mixed Light FlowerOld Briceland Cannabis Company – Area 41
3rd3rd Party Certified Mixed Light FlowerOld Briceland Cannabis Company – White Gummies #1
 Best in ShowFarmer and the Felon – Lemon Sponge Cake
1stPre-Roll – Infused Solventless ExtractSovereign – Geode Joint – Modified Lemons
2ndPre-Roll – Infused Solventless ExtractEl Toro Verde – El Toro Verde Cannagar
3rdPre Roll – Infused Solventless ExtractVital Grown x Sticky Fields x Compassionate Heart x Massive Creations x Feeling Frosty – Mendo Massive
1stPre-Roll – Infused Solvent ExtractPaletas – Paletas Mother’s Milk Infused Blunt
2ndPre-Roll – Infused Solvent ExtractSugar Daddy – Sugar Daddy Indica 2.5G Infused Blunt
3rdPre-Roll – Infused Solvent ExtractWeedwoodz – Weedwoodz XOXO
1stPre-Roll – Non InfusedLost Paradise Organics – Gelonade 6pk Flower Pre-Roll
2ndPre-Roll – Non InfusedAtrium Cultivation – Juice Z Pre-Roll
3rdPre-Roll – Non InfusedCountry – 1:1 Good Neighbor Pre-Roll 6pk
1stIce Water HashHeritage Hash Co – Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash
2ndIce Water Hashel Krem – Papaya Bomb Ice Water Hash
3rdIce Water HashPapa’s Select – Amarelo #9 90u Ice Water Hash
4thIce Water HashFeeling Frosty – Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy 120u Ice Water Hash
5thIce Water HashKalya x Dancing Dog Ranch – Double Rainbow
1stRosinRosin Tech x LUMA Farms – Papaya
2ndRosinHeritage Hash Co – Whitethorn Rose Live Rosin
3rdRosinKalya x LUMA Farms – Lemon Limez
4thRosinFIELD – FIELD Papaya Cold Cured Live Rosin
5thRosinRosin Tech Labs – Garlic Cookies
6thRosinRosin Tech Labs – Garlic Juice #3 Cold Cure
7thRosinel Krem – Strawberry Runtz – Rosin
8thRosinMoon Valley Hash Co – Strawberry Banana Cold Cure Live Rosin
9thRosinDoc Green’s – White Buffalo Cold Cured Live Rosin
10thRosinHave Hash – Zkittlez Cold Cure Live Rosin (Headstash)
1stPersonal Use SolventlessAlice Reis x Flynn Abeln – Wooksauce Winery Screaming Mimis
2ndPersonal Use SolventlessBrett Byrd – Modified Grapes Full spec 45-159 creme brulee consistancy w/THC-A layer
3rdPersonal Use SolventlessBrett Byrd – Gush Mints Full Spec 45-159
4thPersonal Use SolventlessBrett Byrd – Modified Grapes Full Spec 45-159
5thPersonal Use SolventlessBrett Byrd – Apple Fritters Full Spec 45-159
1stC02 CartridgeHaku – Haku Live Resin
2ndC02 CartridgeFeatured Farms x Burzt Farms – Burzt by Featured Farms
3rdC02 CartridgeWildseed Co x Cannabis Refined – Cherry Wife CO2 Cartridge
1stDistillate CartridgeLEGION – Monarch – Strawberry Banana – Cannabis Derived Terpenes
2ndDistillate CartridgeGoldDrop x Fig Farms – Kush Mint Cookies Nug Run Vape Cartridge
3rdDistillate CartridgeBeezle Brands – Orange Blossom Buzz Cartridge
1stLive Resin CartridgeURSA Extracts – Liquid Diamond Sauce Humboldt Jack
2ndLive Resin CartridgeArcata Fire x Humboldt Seed Co – Raspberry Live Resin Sauce Cart
3rdLive Resin CartridgeLemon Tree x Holy Water x Orchard Beach Farms – Kiwi tree Single Source Live Resin Cartridge
4thLive Resin CartridgeColdFire Extracts x Turtle Pie Co – Prickly Pear Juice by ColdFire Extracts
5thLive Resin CartridgeFriendly Farms – Friendly Farms Liquid Live Resin Apple Fritter
6thLive Resin CartridgeThe Bohemian Chemist – The Bohemian Chemist Cart Blanche .5g Hotsy-Totsy Live Resin Cartridge
7thLive Resin CartridgeHalara – GMO Live Diamond Sauce
8thLive Resin CartridgeFriendly Farms x Casa Flor – Liquid Live Resin Flight #23
9thLive Resin CartridgeColdFire Extracts – UpDog Juice by ColdFire Extracts
10thLive Resin CartridgeOakland Extracts – Papaya Pucker
1stSolventless CartridgeDoc Green’s – Strawberry Bananaz Live Rosin Vape Cartridge
2ndSolventless CartridgeJetty Extracts – Fatso Solventless Vape
3rdSolventless CartridgeArcata Fire x Highwater Farms – Key Lime Pie Solventless Rosin Cart
1stHydro-Carbon SolidBeezle Brands x Luma Farms – Key Lime Paya Live Resin Budder
2ndHydro-Carbon SolidBeezle Brands x Earthen Farms – Gary Payton Live resin Budder
3rdHydro-Carbon SolidURSA Extracts – -Live Badder Modified Grapes
4thHydro-Carbon SolidCookies x ArcataX – Day Day
5thHydro-Carbon SolidPaperPlanes Extracts x Land Hammer Farms – Donnie Burger #5 Live Resin Batter
1stHydro-Carbon LiquidCosmic x Peak x Feeling Frosty – White Runtz
2ndHydro-Carbon LiquidFIELD x Wizard Trees x Doja – FIELD x Wizard Trees x Doja RS-11 Live Resin
3rdHydro-Carbon LiquidCosmic x Peak x Feeling Frosty – Orange Daiquiri
4thHydro-Carbon LiquidTerphogz – Live Resin Sauce Melon Brainz
5thHydro-Carbon LiquidOrchard Beach Farms x Holy Water – Kiwi Tree
1stTherapeutic TopicalCare By Design – CBD Joint & Muscle Cream
2ndTherapeutic TopicalKush Queen – Kush Queen Transdermal THC Water Based Personal Lubricant
3rdTherapeutic TopicalOM x Feeling Frosty – Sweet Dreams CBN Rosin Bath Bomb
1stCosmetic TopicalProof – Face Serum
2ndCosmetic TopicalOM x Feeling Frosty – Himalayan Kush Rosin Bath Bomb
1stPersonal Use TopicalErica A – Deep Muscle Rub – Liniment Lotion
1stTinctureCare By Design – Refresh Drops 1:1 MAX
2ndTinctureSanta Cruz Mountain Tops – La Luna
3rdTinctureLempire Farmaseed – LEM OG 1000mg Rosin Tincture
4thTinctureRoot of It All – GO Focused Energy
1stEdibles – BeverageHiFi Sessions x Lagunitas x Absolute Xtracts – HiFi Hoppy Chill
2ndEdibles – BeveragePure Beauty – Little Strong Drink
3rdEdibles – BeverageK-Zen Beverages – Mad Lilly Passion Fruit Mango Spritzer
1stEdibles – Beverage EnhancerS*Shots – Berry Blast
1stEdibles – GummiesKalya x Elephante – Papaya Rosin Gummies
2ndEdibles – GummiesSpace Gem – Sweet Sleepy Fig
3rdEdibles – GummiesQueen Mary – Enchanted
1stEdibles- SweetCosmic Edibles x Kalya – Solventless Rosin Plant Based Chocolate Chip Sprinkles Cookie Dough
2ndEdibles- SweetOasis – Peanut Butter Cup Minis
3rdEdibles- SweetMammamia – Capri Lemon Cake Bites
1stEdibles- SavoryPotli x SF Roots – Shrimp Chips
2ndEdibles- SavoryTSUMo Snacks – TSUMo Snacks Classic Cheese Crunchers
1stAlternative Cannabinoid FlowerPure Beauty – Terry T & Gelato 33
2ndAlternative Cannabinoid FlowerGlass House Farms – Jelly Fish
3rdAlternative Cannabinoid FlowerGlass House Farms – Tangelo Flow
1stAlternative Cannabinoid Flower Breeder’s CupPure Beauty – Terry T & Gelato 33
1stAlternative Cannabinoid Hemp FlowerFlowgardens – Orange Glaze #32
2ndAlternative Cannabinoid Hemp FlowerFlowgardens – Grapefruit
1stAlternative Cannabinoid EdiblePapa & Barkley – Sleep Releaf
2ndAlternative Cannabinoid EdibleGranny B Goods 1:1 Canamels
3rdAlternative Cannabinoid EdibleHi Burst Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Chews
1stAlternative Cannabinoid BeverageKHEMIAMFG – Chakra Chai
1stAlternative Cannabinoid TopicalCarter’s Aroma Therapy Designs – Rasta Roll On
1stAlternative Cannabinoid TinctureSunrise Mountain Farms – PACIFIC – Full Spectrum CBD Rich Tincture
2ndAlternative Cannabinoid TincturePROOF – CBN Tincture
3rdAlternative Cannabinoid TinctureFiddler’s Green – Kindred Spirit – Raw Tincture
1stAlternative Cannabinoid CartridgeChemistry – Serpentine
2ndAlternative Cannabinoid CartridgeKurvana – CBD All-In-One – Banana Smoothie 5:1:5
1stHemp Derived IngestibleGreen Truth – Trifecta Immune (CBDA-CBGA-CBDVA)
2ndHemp Derived IngestibleKurvana CBD Dream 2:1:3
1stHemp Derived TopicalWeedSport – WeedSport CBD Muscle Stick
2ndHemp Derived TopicalPure Dharma – Glow CBD Activated Oil Serum
1stMost Innovative Product – ConsumableHoly Water x Honey Suckle Lotus – Jelly Ranchers. Unholy Rosin/Resin Split Jar
1stMost Innovative Product – Industry AssetHuckleberrry Hill Farms – Sow Your Own Magic
1stBreeders Hall Of FameGreg McAllister
1stVISIONARY AWARD for Glass ArtistryScott Deppe – Mothership Glass
1st“Willie Nelson” Lifetime Achievement AwardWoody Harrelson
1stRegenerative Farm AwardEmerald Spirit Botanicals – Farm Cut
1stBest Photo Contest Winner – AmateurClaudia Price – Pancake Stomper No. 5
1stBest Photo Contest Winner – ProfessionalBenjamin Neff – The Heart
1stBest Dispensary – Northern CaliforniaMercy Wellness – Redwood Dr – Cotati
1stBest Dispensary – Central CaliforniaBig Sur Canna + Botanicals – Carmel Rancho Ln – Carmel
1stBest Dispensary – Southern CaliforniaCornerstone Wellness – Colorado Blvd – Los Angeles
1stEco-Conscious PackagingSol Spirit Farms
1stEnvironmentally Conscious IndoorMoon Valley Cannabis
 Most Unique Terpene ProfileAtrium Cultivation – Juice Z
 Most Unique Cannabinoid ProfileEmerald Spirit Botanicals – Pink Boost Goddess
 Highest Terpene Content – FlowerWoodwide Farms – Mendo Crumble
 Highest Terpene Content – Solventless
Have Hash – Rainbow Belts
 Highest Terpene Content – Solvent (Hydrocarbon)Errl Hill – Gazberries

Photos courtesy of Emerald Cup