Grow House Media SXSW Benefit Event Photo Gallery

Photos: Amanda "atmosvere" Johnson

Earlier this month, Grow House Media hosted  “A Texas Outlaw Kind of Party” during SXSW in Austin for cannabis industry members. The event featured a fireside chat from special guests Michael Thompson and Steve DeAngelo as well as a silent auction to benefit the Last Prisoner Project.

“We are so proud of how this event came together and the turnout was incredible. It just goes to show how important groups like Last Prisoner Project are to Texans! Having Michael Thompson and Steve DeAngelo speak directly to Texans about this injustice is a huge step in that effort and opened a lot of eyes and hearts,” said Liz Grow, co-founder of Grow House Media. “On a personal note, having Steve Deangelo present at our events is a huge boost to our morale and signals that we are on the right track with our advocacy work in Texas. It’s an honor.”


Around 400 attendees joined the event to see local art displays and learn how they can continue to push for legalization in states such as Texas. Thanks to donations and the silent auction, the event raised thousands of dollars for the Last Prisoner Project.

“Of course, the turnout was great. That’s always nice, but the true success of the event was the joy, open hearts, and actionable concern for the state of the cannabis industry in Texas, “ said Patrick Pope, co-founder of Grow House Media. “If we’re fighting for legalization in Texas then we need to raise awareness to the idea that we must also restore justice to the people who have been hurt by the war on drugs. The bigger fight in Texas is opening Texans’ eyes to the inequity and injustice happening all around us on a daily basis”