Beverage Brand Incubator and Accelerator Harmony Craft Beverages Launches First Field and Trade Marketing Program Specifically for Cannabis Drinks

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Harmony Craft Beverages (“HCB”), a portfolio company of Sands Lane Ventures that serves as a beverage brand incubator and accelerator for low- and no-alcohol and functional infused drinks, today announces the launch of the first field and trade marketing program specifically created for cannabis infused beverages. The program will be led by a team of experts in both the traditional beverage and cannabis industries,offering a strategic perspective and approach designed to drive product awareness, increase category education, and drive sales both in retail and direct to consumer channels.


Building on its success as an incubator in helping develop and launch cannabis beverages such as Herbacée botanical wines, Klaus ready-to-drink craft cocktails and Malus infused ciders, HCB’s new portfolio program offers cannabis beverage brands support services that include a variety of at-retail and co-marketing opportunities, such as beverage specialized activations and pop-ups. The program leverages tried-and-true trade and consumer marketing models used in the wine and spirits industry while fine-tuning and adapting the approach specifically for cannabis beverages and the nuances that come along with the nascent sector.

“The cannabis beverage category is one of the fastest growing, yet distributors and retailers are still struggling to serve this segment for various reasons,” said Evan Eneman, co-founder and interim CEO of HCB. “We believe that by creating beverage-first programming, activations and strategies, we can help brands move the needle at retail and engage with both the trade and consumers in entirely new ways. We built the Harmony Craft Beverages Field and Trade Marketing Program to offer cost effective and value added targeted services and support that cannabis beverage brands need to help engage consumers and grow their business.”

HCB has been leading beverage activations at cannabis industry events for the last two years including during Hall of Flowers, MJUnpacked, MJBizCon and others, and recently hosted pop-ups at local farmers’ markets where attendees were able to taste non-infused samples and make DTC orders on-site, a New York City Summer Speakeasy event, an art gallery opening and more, with future opportunities and unique, engaging activations to come.

HCB’s team of advisors and experts include Debbie Novograd, an advisor to non-alcoholic beverage brands, former Starbucks international marketing executive, and most recently the former CEO of low- and no-alcohol innovator BevZero, who will advise on brand and marketing strategy through the program alongside other industry experts including former Head of Innovation at Vertosa Austin Stevenson and brewer and formulator Chris Anderson.

“It has been a delight and honor to work with Evan over the past several years–both as a client and colleague–as Harmony Craft Beverages has grown and expanded to offer the array of services it does today,” said Novograd, advisor of HCB. “The entire HCB team are some of the most creative, dedicated, passionate and overall talented group of individuals I have worked with throughout my 30-plus years in food and beverages. From market research and development to sales, distribution and overall marketing, HCB has the expertise and experience to help low- and no-alcohol and infused functional beverage brands of all sizes achieve their goals.”

To learn more about the Field and Trade Marketing Portfolio Program and other brand services offered, please visit and contact [email protected] for more information.


Harmony Craft Beverages (HCB) is a beverage brand incubator and accelerator building the innovation pipeline and paving the path for brand growth and infrastructure development in low- and no-alcohol and functional infused-beverages. HCB helps develop premium beverage brands and products using state-of-the-art technology and processes by utilizing a full-service suite of innovative solutions including brand development and design, product development, formulation, distribution, sales and marketing, finance and accounting. Our unique ecosystem of resources and team of cannabis, hospitality, and food and beverage experts strategically provide beverage-first services and resources that help brands succeed as part of its Portfolio model. For more information, visit and follow along on Instagram and LinkedIn.